10 Activities School Agers love to do! Just in time for Spring Break

homemade sidewalk chalk and chalk paint recipe
My preschoolers have grown into school agers. Where has the time gone? They still love some of the same activities that they have always loved. Here are the fun activities school age children love to do! 

10 Activities School Agers love to do!

1. Legos What child doesn’t love legos? My son will spend hours on it.

2. Dry erase board so that they can play games like hangman, keep score, tic tac toe, etc.

3. Treasure hunts to find something simple like a piece of chocolate. My kids love to do these!

4. Riding their bikes outside in the rain or even in the garage.

5. Play basketball or 4 square in the driveway. If you’ve never played 4 square please look it up. It’s so much fun!

6. They still love sidewalk chalk and can use it for hours. Make your own sidewalk chalk here.

7. Cards. Mine love uno, go fish, memory, etc still to this day!

8. Board games. We love yahtzee, clue, monopoly too! Make up your own board game!

9. Playing with our pets. My son is in charge  of giving our smallest dog a bath and he loves to play with the pets. Take them for long walks outside or give them a run. They then get exercise too.

10. Play dough. It never gets old and my kids love to make it (kool aid play dough recipe here and play with it to this day. 

What are some of the things your kids like to do? I love to keep them busy without electronics if possible! 

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