What do you do when you don’t have health or prescription insurance?

Thank you to SearchRX for partnering with us for this important discussion! 

Health insurance has gotten out of hand. We made the decision this year to get rid of regular health insurance and go with one of those share care insurances. It has saved us $700 a month. I don’t know about you but I didn’t have that $700 a month to give to the health insurance companies anyway. It’s ridiculous what they are charging us. The fact that most people can’t afford it should say something to our lawmakers. But it doesn’t because they have health insurance that’s way better than ours and for way less. It’s so hard to save money and find help when you need a prescription. My son was sick last week and he had to get 2 prescriptions filled. Luckily we knew about a new service that would help us in two ways. By putting the name of the prescription into SearchRX it would show us the lowest price and where in my area I can get it at that price. If you have no prescription insurance then this is an important help. I should know I have no prescription insurance also. 

what do you do without health insurance?

We were able to find his prescription at a price we could afford without all the running around to different pharmacies or making phone calls to all the different pharmacies. It was fabulous. He’s still a bit under the weather so he’s going back to the doctor today to see if they can help his ears. He, at the age of 20, had a double ear infection and bronchitis. What a double whammy to his poor system. He’s on the mend and we are thankful for places like SearchRX

I’m sincerely worried about the lack of health care in this country. We lack benefits but we pay so much. When your house note is less than your health insurance that is a problem. We see the local health department now for our doctor services. My son is in college so he sees the on campus clinic. Thank goodness we have at least these options. Do you have any tips to help those who are having problems with health insurance or prescription insurance? I’m not advocating anyone get rid of their health insurance. I worry about what happens if one of us gets really sick. So please do keep your insurance! 


How do you get by in this world without health insurance? I'll tell you what we do!

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