Weight loss tips and tricks

In this world we’re being constantly bombarded with images and media telling us how to lose some weight. I found a few tips that I am going to try this year. Why don’t you try them with me? Check out my weight loss tips and tricks!

how to lose weight with tips and tricks


Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

  • Drink a glass of water before each meal. This makes you already feel full so that you eat less.
  • Replace one meal every other day with a vegetarian meal. Less meat equals less calories and fat eaten. Vegetarian means it’s full of fiber to make you feel full. It’s a winning technique in my book.
  • Replace one meal a day with a smoothie. Make it a smoothie that’s loaded with fruits and veggies and a good protein source! I’d make this Elvis inspired Peanut Butter and Banana smoothie and add some spinach to it.
  • Avoid any processed foods. Eat more whole foods raw like broccoli and veggies.
  • Get more exercise in. If you workout 3 days a week for an hour then do 10 minutes per day on the off days. This will get more movement in and help keep you going.
  • Plan your meals out each day and log them either into an app or into my workout and health printables. Planning helps to keep you on track. 
  • Drink a gallon of water a day and keep going! This is the one I struggle with the most. I’m going to do better with my super cup of water and refilling it only 3 or 4 times per day. Once it’s down you’ll see that you’re no longer hungry and it helps flush out the toxins. 

I’m going to put this into effect immediately. I would think that this would net me at least a 10 pound weight loss this month. That’s what I’m going for. Who’s with me? What other weight loss tips and tricks do you have that you can share with us to help us lose weight this month?

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As always please check with your doctor before trying to lose any weight or exercise.


Are you looking for ways to cut calories and lose weight? I've got your tips and tricks to get you down 10 lbs this month!

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