Valentine’s Day Purse craft

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love to get crafty and this craft today is so fun! It may need to be done with the older kids though. You could have an adult work hand in hand with a child to do it though. I think they’ll love this Valentine’s Day purse craft. 


valentine day craft purse


and here is the diy instructions. You Print the link and then the directions are on it. So easy. So you’ve got this cute craft for Valentine’s Day and you just print, cut and fold.  

valentine's day purse craft


Click this Valentine’s Day craft Ninja Purse link valentine purse NINJA directions. Once it opens then hit print and your girls or guys can enjoy this Valentine’s Day craft of a Ninja purse!  You can also click on the picture and it will open up bigger and you can print there. If you have an adblocker enabled you will need to disable that to click the picture. Otherwise just click the link and print. Isn’t it so cute? Who wouldn’t want one of those? What a fun idea for Valentine’s Day parties. This would be great as a center for the kids to rotate through. Just make sure you have an adult to help them figure out how to cut the purse apart and put it together. You can use this as a mailbox too. What a sweet way to collect their Valentine’s. Boys you can put your cards in my purse. 

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Are you looking for a fun mailbox idea for the kids? Do you need a center idea for a classroom? This Valentine's Day purse craft is it!

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