Low Sugar breakfast to get you out the door faster #BigGBreakfast @Publix #AD

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low sugar breakfasts to get you out the door faster

Low Sugar Breakfasts to get you out the door faster

The mornings around here are crazy. I strive to get them to just eat something. I’m not super mom I don’t get up and cook each morning… or hardly any morning. I look for simple, low sugar breakfasts so the kids have something healthy. I need to it be super quick so we can get out the door. The kids are at school before 7am so quick, simple and low sugar are what I’m always on the hunt for. 

Our low sugar breakfast

One cereal fits that bill. The regular Cheerios come in at 2 g of sugar. You can add some blueberries or strawberries for some yummy natural sweeteners. I also have no problem giving them Honey Nut Cheerios which comes in at 9g of sugar. They eat it up!  I love when I find it with a coupon. You can get $1 off at Publix with this coupon this week.  So make sure you print it out to get in on the savings. I’m planning on trying the Multigrain Cheerios using the coupon at Publix. 

low sugar breakfast ideas

How delicious does that fast and easy breakfast look?

When you preplan your breakfasts the night before you are planning on getting out the door faster. It helps so much to poll the children and then have them gather it together in a container in the fridge so they know what they need to grab each morning. That’s one way we plan and make it out the door fast in the mornings. I didn’t buy a special container I just reused something I already had that would fit in my fridge. This cute little basket is what I found and it works like a charm. 

This way they can add a spoon and be ready to eat. They have their cereal, milk, blueberries and just need their spoon. It’s so easy and such a fun way to get them involved in what is for breakfast the next day. We do it after dinner the night before. It’s how we do mornings. We’re gone quickly on school mornings because of this trick! Which of the Cheerios will you buy at Publix with the coupon? What is one way you organize your kids, food or time to save you time in the mornings and help you get out the door fast?  

looking for help getting out the door faster? Check out my post & see what tips I used to help us stay on track.  @Publix #BigGBreakfast AD

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  1. I am excited to give these a try. I have been looking for ways to reduce sugar in my diet. Thanks for the great ideas breakfast is always a tough meal for me.

  2. Cutting down on sugar is one of my big goals this year! This sounds like a great breakfast to start the day.

  3. Cheerios are a huge part of our breakfast routine, Honey Nut are my absolute FAVORITE! I love that they are low in sugar and give my little one a boost of energy before she heads of to school for the day. Add a coupon and I’m a complete sucker. Yummy in my tummy!!

  4. I love Cheerios! I even eat them as a snack throughout the day and make a few recipes using them. They are so good!

  5. What a great idea for breakfast! Most of the time I didn’t realized that I did not breakfast. Glad to know the importance about breakfast.

  6. I love General Mills brands of cereal. The cheerios are one of my favorites. I love that you can always add fruits to them as well. Makes for a good breakfast.

  7. I LOVE the idea of the breakfast basket – that way they can do all their arguing about what they do and don’t like to eat the night before, not the mornings when rushing about. I have to admit since I started looking at sugar I started cooking eggs most mornings. It is good to find quick and easy low sugar breakfast ideas.

  8. Wow looks healthy and to our kids. I love easy breakfast especially sometimes I’m in a hurry and no time to cook

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