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My dogs have been eating the Wellness® Complete Health™ line of dog food for over 3 months now. They love it. I love what they’re doing to help the environment. Have you been wondering which pet food company recycles their bags? I’ve got the 411 on that info for you here! 

which pet food company recycles

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Wellness was the first pet food company to partner with Terracycle in the US. They allow pet parents to mail there empty pet food bags back to the company on them and they recycle them and turn them into new innovative products. I love that they are so into embracing recycling efforts and dedicated to long term sustainability. How amazing is that? The pet parents that mail them back then earn gifts and cash for their favorite nonprofits or schools. Their into eliminating waste! Local schools and nonprofits can sign up on the Terracycle website. For every pound of waste you earn 100 points. It’s a win win in my book for sure. Why wouldn’t you do this? I did recycle my bags but had I known this I would have mailed them in for sure. Which of the Wellness line bags are you able to recycle? Wellness® Complete Health™ and Wellness® Complete Health™ Grain Free dry food packaging Wellness® CORE dry food packaging, Wellness® TruFood® Baked Blends dry food packaging too. So if you’re wondering which pet food you should be buying make sure it’s the Wellness brand and see their Wellness recyling program information too! Head on over to PetSmart and see all the different kinds of food for the different dogs.  Here’s where I found it on the shelf at PetSmart. 

wellness at petsmart

 And the store that carries the Wellness brand of food for your precious pets. 

wellness recycles for you


Here’s some reasons why I think you should try the Wellness brand. The Wellness Complete health line has prebiotics and probiotics in them. I love this because the probiotics are what helps my sweet white pup from having runny allergy eyes most of the time. It is also packed with protein and they are very conscious of their where their ingredients come from. Those are just a few reasons I feel good about feeding it to them. The Wellness brand pet food had natural ingredients and better nutrition for our dogs. It’s just so wholesome. It contains a balanced blend of high quality proteins, grain-free carbohydrates, select fats and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to provide the energy and nutrition my pets need to thrive. The benefits of this food I can see it in their coat and their attitude. They’re happy and healthy. 


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And now my precious fur members of our family in front of our Christmas tree this year. Love them. Have you wondered who it is that recycles their pet food bags?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wellness. The opinions and text are all mine.

Are you into recycling? Have you wondered who it is that will recycle their dog food bags? #ad @Petsmart @WellnessPetFood
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  1. I think it’s great that Wellness recycles their pet food bags. It’s great that the bags can be mailed in and will help out non-profits and schools with cash and gifts.

  2. I LOVE this! Recycling is so important to helping our environment. I love that Wellness is helping that with their bag recycling.

  3. We’ve given our golden Wellness on and off over the years! He’s allergic to quite a few things and they have some great formulas for allergy-prone dogs.

  4. I did not know I could send in my bags for them to recycle! We have two dogs and we use this brand but somehow I missed this option. We try and recycle everything we can and I will be doing this for sure!

  5. This sounds like a great line of dog food. We don’t have a dog yet, but are hoping to get one soon. I will share this post with a friend who has two dogs.

  6. Never heard of company doing anything like this before. Good for the Wellness Company. Nice that you are spreading the word about mailing back in the empty bags.

  7. I love that Wellness recycles their pet food bags. I try to be as green as possible, so recycling is really important to me.

  8. I have been feeding my dog Wellness since she was a puppy and she loves it. I am glad to hear it is a part of such a great program.

  9. Love this post! Our dogs are our children. I love the idea of recycling pet food bags!!

  10. This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing about this info, i will tell my mother in law about this company

  11. michele d says:

    Right now my dog is on a special diet but I heard great things about the brand wellness at Petsmart. I think it’s great that they recycle their food bags.

  12. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I have not yet tried the Wellness dog foods on my dog yet but will have to try them. I didn’t know that they recycle the dog food bags which I think is amazing. The Wellness recyling program sounds amazing. I will have to share this with my sisters who both have dogs. Thanks for sharing the information.

  13. What an awesome company that recycles their pet food bags. I love supporting companies who care about the environment. We haven’t tried this food yet, but I will definitely be on the look out next time I’m at PetSmart and grab a small one to see if my Hank likes it.

  14. I can honestly say that I have never thought to recycle pet food bags. I need to look more int this!!

  15. Emma Spellman says:

    Wellness has amazing pet food. I am so happy to see they have this recycling program.

  16. Coralie says:

    I didn’t know that any companies did this. I think it is really great and that it benefits so many others. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh I did not know that about petsmart, that is a great idea. I will mail in ours next time.

  18. I’m not aware of this. It’s good to know that they are doing something to save earth.