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It’s that time of year when we are incredibly busy almost every night of the week. It’s so rough. We have a hard time getting dinner on the table but we have to! I love to save money and not eating out saves us so much money. So I have set about putting my slow cooker and my instant pot to work this month! This week I made these Instant Pot pork carnitas in less than 30 minutes and it was delicious as well as fast and easy! 

fast and easy pork carnitas recipe in instant pot

I picked my  Smithfield® Marinated Fresh Pork: Boneless Pork Shoulder Seasoned Carnitas meat up at my local Food Lion in the meat department. I thought the price was so reasonable and knew my famly would love this meal. This was such an easy meal to make.

smithfield carnitas at food lion

My entire house smelled amazing as it was cooking and I’m so glad we got to try this out. It took less than 30 minutes from Instant Pot to table! And the taste was delicious. Check out my Smithfield Seasoned Carnitas made in the Instant Pot recipe and make it for yourself! 

pork carnitas in the instant pot recipe

Pork Carnitas in the Instant Pot Recipe

My first step was to put a cup of water in the bottom of the liner pot in the instant pot. Then I added my rack and my carnitas with a cut up onion on top. I set the Instant Pot for 40 minutes and walked away from it. While it was cooking I made tantalizing guacamole and even crisped up some stale chips. Did you know you can crisp up stale chips? You totally can. You put them on a pan and place them in the oven on 250* for 8-10 minutes. They will come out tasting as good as fresh. So remember that little dinner hack next time your chips are stale. 

Note: To change this recipe to a Slow Cooker recipe simply add the ingredients and a cup of water to your slow cooker. Cook on low 4-6 hours depending on your slow cooker and the way it cooks. It will taste just as amazing I promise!

After my guacamole and chips were done I brought those to the table. Then I went back and checked on my Smithfield Seasoned Carnitas. This is how delicious they looked after I shredded them with two forks!

pork carnitas shredded

This really needs smell o vision. Because it smells amazing. You’ll want to make these this week. One thing about carnitas is that people put this on a pan and put it in the oven to crisp up the meat. You can do that if you’d like. However I love how tender and delicious it is without putting it in the oven. So I left that part off. 


I added my pork carnitas to my whole wheat tortilla and added guacamole to it. You can add salsa, sour cream, cheese whatever you like. They are delicious simply by themselves. Scrumptious is the word I was looking for. The kids and the entire house was happy that I made this quick and easy meal for dinner. You can even turn this into nachos I did a test run for you and it was just as delicious as having it as a taco. So so good! 


Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork has lots of different meal ideas that can be made in 30 minutes or less. They love helping us to get Real Flavor Real Fast on the table and to get the childrens bellies full. They have other meats just like the carnitas I picked up. You can choose from loin filets, pork shoulders, tenderloins and roasts. There’s something that will make every belly happy! I love all the choices of slow-marinated and perfectly seasoned in the bag meat selections. You can choose to grill, roast, saute, slow cook or instant pot the recipe. You can choose completely ready to cook or plain where you make whatever recipe you were wanting to have! They are making my meal times so much easier. 

Why not visit our Sponsor and see more meal ideas for Real Flavor Real Fast! 

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Here’s my guacamole recipe in case you need one!! 

guacamole recipe


Guacamole Ingredients

You’ll need 3 avocados

garlic cloves (2 minced or 1 tsp garlic powder)

1/2 can of tomatoes and green chilis (drained)

Chopped onion (I chop mine really small)

Directions for Guacamole Recipe

I cut my avocados in half lengthwise. Then I use a spoon to get the pit out. Once the pit is out I use the spoon to pull the avocado away from the outer shell. Using a fork I mash up the avocados. Once that’s done I add my garlic, tomatoes and chilis and onion. Mix together and enjoy! It’s so good. My kids eat my guacamole up. It’s so delicious, flavorful and good for you! 


are you looking to get dinner on the table quickly? Why not check out my Instant Pot pork carnitas recipe and make it for dinner tonight.

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    1. You are going to absolutely love it. I’ve had mine almost a year and am just now feeling more confident with it. But we love it for quick dinners.

  1. This recipe sounds so delicious. I love anything that is fast and easy for dinner. I use my crock pot almost daily.

  2. I love Carnitas! I love them anyway you can give them to me. I am definitely going to try this recipe it looks different than the other ones I have tried.

  3. I have been running into so many wonderful instant pot recipes that it’s about time I get into it as well! Love your recipe, thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes!!! Now, I am a fan of pulled pork and Guacamole!!1 This looks so good that I am going to have to give it a try myself.

  5. I love carnitas from my local restaurant but I haven’t made it myself. This sounds so simple and yummy.

  6. I am definitely going to check out your guac recipe – it is my most favorite dip ever! I use it on my tacos in my Mexican rice bowls (sometimes I take a spoonful just for myself 😉

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