5 Ways to teach your children to give this holiday season!

5 Ways to teach your children to give this holiday season

5 ways to teach your children to give during the holidays

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the holiday season. We’re so busy but it’s so many fun events for the family. This past weekend we visited a new church and saw their new building being dedicated. It was a beautiful service and there’s something so magical about seeing your kids sing at church. But let’s not forget that during the holidays the ones who were struggling before the holidays are struggling now just as much. Let’s teach our children some great ways to give back to others. Here’s some things we’ve done in the past that worked so well. 


  1. Adopt a child or three off the Angel Tree. We shopped last week for N’s child, Saturday for A’s child and today I’ll shop for my child. Don’t worry about where the items are going. Just give with a heart that hopes the family knows they’re thought about with love this season. 
  2. Help feed the homeless. We’ve done this before and it’s so rewarding. They give you a job to do such as serving the food, passing out bags so they can take their lunch elsewhere or just walk around and visit with them. I can’t imagine not having a roof over my head and not knowing where I’m going to lay my head each night. 
  3. Donate socks and underwear to the homeless shelters in your area. You may not want to think about this. However they don’t have a place to wash or even change clothes. So socks and underwear end up being a disposable item. Donating these items are so needed anytime of year.
  4. Donate blankets to the places that drive around and try to bring people in off the street when the temps drop below freezing. They pass out blankets to those that won’t come in from the cold.
  5. Check on seniors who live alone. They may not have any visitors this holiday season and a nice visit may be welcomed. It would be a perfect opportunity to take them some food too. 
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ways to teach your kids to give

If you liked this article check out my day we spent serving the homeless, and how to give back at school time. Be someone who lifts others up this holiday season. Pay it forward or just pray for those in need! Whether it’s a small give or a big one it’s just important to help others this holiday season. Hugs! How have you helped others in the past? Was there anything I missed here? 


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