Snowman Ornament Craft a quick and easy craft

I love a good quick and easy craft. One that pertains to winter is especially fun this time of year. These are a bit heavy so I recommend using these as mantle decorations or as a prime piece on your tablescape.  This is my first time doing  these and I think it turned out really cute! Now make your own quick and easy snowman ornament craft.

snowman ornament craft quick and easy

Quick and Easy Snowman Craft items needed

snowman ornament craft

Clear plastic ornament ball 

You can get that here

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Package of 12 – 100mm Clear Acrylic Fillable Ornaments

Puff paint orange and black

You can get these here: Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Set Neon and Rainbow 20/Pkg

epsom salts or glitter

You can get that here:Epsom Salt 2Lb (907g)


How to Make My Quick and Easy Snowman Craft

Using the funnel add epsom salt to the clear plastic ornament ball. Put lid back on ball. Use puffy paint to make eyes, mouth and buttons. Use orange puff paint to make carrot nose. You have a cute and easy craft snowman that the kids can help you do. You can also use like cotton backing to put inside the ornaments and then hang those on the trees. If you have small children it would be fun to let them make their own and keep them for years to come. Kids can be so creative! Am I right? Or you can do it for them and use their fingers as their eyes, mouth and buttons. For this you would use apple barrel paints instead of puff paint. The kids would love to make that! 

snowman ornament craft

How cute is he? Wouldn’t he be cute in a clear jar with ornaments at the bottom and him at the top? You need to be prepared to let the puff paint dry 24 hours before handling it. You can make an imprint if you’re not careful. Don’t ask me how I know or look at the above picture. I swear.  This was really a fun project that I can totally see kids loving to do. I had to go buy more clear ornaments for my daughter and I to do more crafting with after this project. 

This can also be a two in one project. You give as a gift and when they’re done give them some cotton batting to put inside after you tell them to pour out the epsom salts and to take a nice long soak in the bathtub. They get a relaxation day and you are seen as a sweet person!! It’s a win! 

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Are you looking for a fun and easy craft idea? Why not make my quick and easy snowman craft and give a gift of relaxation and whimsy.

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