How to look for signs of wellness in your dogs!

signs of wellness in dogs


How do you know when your dog is well? There’s so many signs that you can look for. Here’s a few I ran across to let you know the health of your dog! 

Signs of wellness in your dogs

Is their coat shiny and healthy? Do they have hotspots or places where they’re missing hair? If so they may need a quick checkup to find out if there are problems. You can see from my pic of my two boys that they’re coats are healthy and shiny! They’re happy boys. 

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Do they still play? Are they getting enough exercise? Make sure to take them for a walk and get them and you the exercise you need in! 

Are they eating enough? Do they weight too much or too little? Are they a healthy weight for their body size? We had to put our lab on a diet because he weighed 85lbs and had hip dysplasia. When he went on his diet his hip dysplasia didn’t change. However his pain because of it went away. Only when we play with him too hard do we see his hips hurting him like it used too. 

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Do they drink plenty of water? I’m constantly checking their water throughout the day. Do they have enough? They need water just like we do. So make sure they always have access to clean water. 

Do you brush their teeth? This is a must with most dogs. So make sure you do take the time to brush their teeth. They need it just like we do. They want to keep their teeth so they can eat quality food. However they aren’t able to brush them. So make sure you brush their teeth for them. 

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  1. I will share this with my sister. She has such a time with her dogs skin and his food directly affects this. She can only feed him one type of food. Maybe this will work for him. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the post! My husband was giving our dog those milkbones and we found out how awful they are!! These are definitely better options!!!

  3. Your dogs all look very healthy! I am going to have to try this brand for my two cats, Thanks!

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