DIY Reindeer Pops Craft

DIY Reindeer Pops Craft

reindeer pops craft

Christmas time is here! I am one of the first people to get my tree up and turn on the holiday pandora station as soon as the turkey is eaten. I just love this time of year because people seem to be a little more loving, a little happier, and who doesn’t love a jolly Santa and pretty snowflakes right!? Plus, there are so so many awesome Christmas crafts to make! 

This year my daughter is at a new school, and they are all about some holiday fun which I love! She wanted to make something special for her class holiday party so we thought we could make some fun party favors that everyone will love. And the best part is that you only need a few craft items and some suckers. In this post I’ve also included a free template for you to use as well 🙂

Here is how to make these easy and adorable DIY Reindeer Pops Craft:

reindeer craft needs

You Will Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Red lollipops 
  • black paint (you could also use a marker, sharpie, etc)
  • tape
  • optional: ribbon or pipe cleaners for scarves 
  • Reindeer face template (below) 

Instructions for making these DIY Reindeer Pops Craft:

reindeer face template

Step 1: First you will want to print out the template above. Cut it out and then trace it on to your colored construction paper. (I used green and brown but you could use any crazy color you want!). If you have a cutting machine, you could also use your trace feature and cut them out that way as well. Which I’ll be honest, is what I did.


Step 2: once you have your reindeer faces cut out, it’s time to give them some personality! Using your paint, marker, etc, give them some eyes and a smile. This was my daughters favorite part because she loves any reason to break out the paints. Make sure to let them dry before moving to the next step.


Step 3: Now it’s time to attach your reindeer’s “nose”! You could use any color or type of sucker you wanted of course. But we decided to go classic with a big red sucker. Just grab your nearest tape and secure your sucker to the back of your reindeer face. 


Step 4: The last step is optional but pretty cute. You can use ribbon, pip cleaners, or even colored construction paper to make a little scarf for your reindeer! Just wrap it around the base of your sucker and you are good to go!


How easy was that? And they make the perfect favor for class parties, youth groups, to hand out to neighbors, or to give out Christmas day. Enjoy and happy holidays! 

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