Ways to Save $500 for the Upcoming Holidays by planning now!

You’ve seen the facebook pics telling us only 11 Mondays until Christmas. Oh boy if you’ve not already prepared that could cause problems. Here’s some ideas you can do to save money now and put it towards your holiday spending!


ways to save $500 by the holidays

Ways to save $500 for the upcoming holidays by planning now!

1. Cut your grocery budget. You can cut $25 a week and put that back towards your Christmas spending. How would you do this?  I would make a menu each week and plan out every meal. Then see where I can make items from scratch instead of convenience food. Then I would see if I can cut meat out at one or two meals a week and put that towards it too. So plan your meals, snacks and stick to it. Cut back on convenience foods and meats and stash that money away towards the holidays.

2. Call the cable or phone company and cut back on your service. Usually with just a phone call you can cut your services by $15-25 a month. So far that’s a total of $115 to $125 a month towards Christmas and the holiday season.

3. Do services that you normally pay for. You get your grass cut but have a mower? Then mow it yourself. That’s about an $80-120 savings right there! Do you get a pedicure every two weeks? Put that $60 a month towards Christmas and give yourself a pedicure. Make time for yourself and feel good about it too. So far we’re now up to about $185 a month plus the $80-120 cutting the grass (which begins to slow down and ends in November). Total saved so far $490.

4. Get started on making your own Christmas gifts for friends and family. Save some much needed money and give a beautiful gift from the heart. I have lots of gift ideas that are homemade here. If you can make a gift from the heart and it helps your wallet then it’s truly a beautiful thing.

5. Have a yard sale and get rid of items you no longer use or need. What a great way to boost your holiday fund! My last yard sale I made about $225 and it was so worth it. It’s a win/win because you’re getting rid of stuff you don’t use and you’re making money too.

With the holidays coming you are going to want to have a small fund started for your extra spending. There’s no need for it to stress you out. With a little planning you can have a nice little fund in just two months! If you do it with a plan then you will be so much happier. Don’t we all want to be happy at the holidays? What other ways can you think of to save for the holidays?

are you looking for ways to save $500 before Christmas? Check out this article and learn ways to do just that! Save money so you can have Christmas!

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