10 Easy and Cute DIY Costumes For Teen Girls

10 Easy and Cute DIY Costumes For Teen Girls

DIY Teen Costumes

As a parent of a teen, I know it can be hard to fund costumes for them that are age appropriate and not crazy expensive. Luckily with the age of social media there are tons of DIY Teen Costumes out there for you to make or your teen to make with their friends! Here is a list of my top 10 favorites. I hope you enjoy! 

Here are 10 Easy and Cute DIY Costumes for Teen Girls:

DIY shower pouf costumes

DIY Shower Pouf Costume– Just a little bit of tulle and some colored tights and your teen can be the cutest bath pouf ever. So many color combinations possibilities! 

teen hashtag costume

DIY Hashtag Costume– Hashtags seem to be all the rage with the teens (okay, with everyone else too ha) nowadays so what better way to be the talk of the Halloween party?

diy paper doll costume

DIY Paper Doll Costume– Paper dolls are cute and can be customized in so many different ways. With some poster board and pattern paper you will be good to go!

DIY Gumball Machine Costume

DIY Gumball Machine Costume– I think this is the cutest DIY costume ever. You can find red dresses pretty easily anywhere, and then some felt and pom poms at your local craft store. Costume contest winner for sure!

DIY social media costume

DIY Social Media Costumes– This link has tons of examples of easy and adorable social media costumes!


DIY Taco Costume– If you teens like to eat as much as mine do then they are going to want to rock this taco costume on Halloween night.


DIY Rubiks Cube Costume– Your little smarty-pants will love this easy to make rubiks cube costume!

diy cactus costume

DIY Cactus Costume– She might look prickly in her new cactus costume, but she won’t feel like it, and neither will your wallet!

DIY mermaid costume

DIY Mermaid Costume– This costume is beautiful and easier to make than you might think!

DIY pinata costume

DIY Pinata Costume– Get in a festive mood with this easy to make pinata costume! Don’t forget to get some candy for it, ha!

Which DIY Teen Costume is your favorite?  


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