Skunk Smell Remover Recipe that is Vet Recommended

We have a lot of skunks in our neighborhood. The funny thing is we had them in our old neighborhood too. It’s crazy. We’ve been in the position before where we had to get that horrible skunk smell out of a dog and it’s not a fun process. You don’t want to be looking around on the internet at 10pm at night hoping you have the ingredients to take care of it either. So why not keep these items in your home cleaning cabinet so you will always have it. We were at my vet and brought the question up of what to do if it happens to our pets. This is the skunk smell remover recipe she told me to use if any skunk sprays my dogs! If it’s good enough for my vet it’s good enough for me!




Skunk Smell Remover Ingredients

1 TBS Baking soda
1 quart 3% hydrogen pyroxide
1 tsp dawn dish detergent
2 qts warm water

 Skunk Smell Remover Recipe

Mix all ingredients together in a bucket. Use as soon as possible as it will lose it’s potency. Wash on to dog, cat, or other animal in the most affected area and the area surrounding it. Then rinse with a solution of 9 parts water and 1 part white vinegar.


Has your pet ever been sprayed by a skunk? What did you do to get rid of the smell? Did it work? Share it with me in a comment! I love to read what has worked for you!

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