How a post about working at home became a post about being molested.

This post started out as a simple do you want to work at home post. But then as I wrote things occurred to me as to why I am the way I am. It helped me realize that my desire to always be the ones caring for my kids came from something that happened to me in childhood. So knowing this upfront here’s how my simple post started.

Are you tired of working and missing your babies? Are you wondering how to make a way? Why not read my story and see if there’s something you can make work and end up working at home too! I’ve never regretted being a work at home mom and I’ve done many different work at home jobs. Here’s my work at home journey.

my legacy to my kids will be I got through the grief

I had my first child when I was teaching first grade. I loved teaching but I longed to be home with my sweet baby more. So we set about to make a way for me to be home. Before I had him we began paying all our debt down as fast as we could. Then we began to sock away any extra money we managed to find. I continued teaching full-time after I had him for another two months. Then it was time for sweet summer. When summer came I knew there was no way I could work full-time and miss my baby all day. So I went in to the school to have a talk with my principal. He suggested I look into team teaching. I did look into it and wanted to do it. However at that time my principal was showing me a job that posted at our school for a part-time teacher. I took the job. I did this for a year until that job was phased out (Title 1 reading teacher so it’s all dependent on state funding and how many low-income lunch kids we had) and it was then I decided to become my own boss and work at home.

What did I did decide to do? I ran a home daycare. I loved being home with my baby and making an income too. I was able to continue my home daycare with a waiting list for almost 3 years. It was at that time that we were going through our multiple miscarriages and learning what secondary infertility was. My doctor didn’t tell me to quit my job I just did what I had to do in order to complete my family. It was then that we became a one income family. It was so stressful for my husband I’m sure. But I was having surgeries for miscarriages, surgery to get pregnant and then once I achieved pregnancy I had to have surgery to stay pregnant. So I ended up almost the entire pregnancy on bedrest. It wasn’t easy to have child at home and be on bedrest. But it was doable. I paid all our bills. We were strapped so tight we could barely breathe. We had to break out credit cards every now and then. But we did what we had to do. Then once my baby was born I continued to not work but I was exploring my options. About 7 months later I opened my first internet based natural parenting store. It was another blessing to be working at home while my kids were there with me. I ran my internet store for 7 years before deciding that wasn’t paying the bills as much as I wanted. You have to know when to cut your losses when doing businesses and if they’re not being profitable you need to let them go.

should you quit your job and stay at home

At this point I had 3 kids that were 2, 5 and 10. We had adopted my daughter from Korea and I was looking to try to pay off the fees. So I went back into teaching for another year. It’s hard to work and have one kid but working and having three…forget about it! I started to blog on my internet store site. So I created a blog based on parenting and being frugal. This is where you are now! It’s been 7 years of love poured into this blog. Some of the stuff I wrote early on is… just… well, terrible. But it’s telling my story. How I got started and what I wanted to do had to be learned along the way. I will never regret my choices of choosing to try to be home with my kids. I would have regretted it had I worked full-time all those years. My mom had to work. She was a single mom. She did what she had to do and left us at a trusted sitters. I was molested there by her son. I can look back on it and be proud of my mom for pulling me out and listening to me. Another child that was there had to stay there. That’s not okay. I just couldn’t stand if that happened to my children. That alone was my reason for being their primary caretaker always. This was a news flash to me by the way. I had to write this post to figure out why I never wanted to leave my child at daycare. Never think, “they’re a child, they’ll get over it.” No, they won’t get over it. They’ll deal with it and push it out of their mind but it always stays with them. Then it jumps up later in life to remind them why they’re not like everyone else. So for me I could not leave my kids at a sitter. I think it’s a valid reason, don’t you?

Anyway I had many jobs as I worked at home trying to find myself. I was a house cleaner, data entry clerk, day care provider, preschool teacher, store owner, teacher online and now proud blogging mom. There’s so many chances to work at home. I’ve seen friends work as customer service agents, answering services, taking surveys and so much more. If you’ve got a desire to work at home then look into it. Do your research though and know what you’re getting into. I hope you find what it is you were meant to do. Being a work at home mom is tough but it’s so very worth it to know who’s caring for my children.

What motivates you to find a work at home job?

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  1. I love your post. I was working full time and I wanted to stay home too but it was hard for us to save when I tried, so I am working part time which is better.

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