Great lunch ideas to eat on the go

tiny toast fun lunch ideas on the go

This post is in partnership with Tiny Toast Cereal. All opinions are my own.

My girl takes her lunch to school every single day. I don’t know what it is about packing lunches but at some point you just run out of ideas. I know there are times during the week when I don’t even want to think about food. So for lunch I may have cereal and milk. Since we’re always looking for great ideas to eat on the go I thought I’d share some with you. My kids are always on the go. My oldest works and goes to school and believe it or not he takes his coffee and lunch to work. We taught him well. I’m so impressed with him. I asked him what he was taking in his lunches and this is what he shared with me.

Lunch Ideas for eating on the go

Hard boiled eggs and raw vegetables.

Soup in a thermos and a toasted Cheese sandwich

Apple and peanut butter with yogurt

tiny toast cereal breakfast for lunch

Cereal (low in sugar like Tiny Toast) in a baggie with milk in a thermos *Don’t forget the ice packs*

tiny toast snacks to keep you going

Nuts, fruits and a nice baguette.

Turkey roll up with cream cheese, fresh green onions rolled up and cut. So good!

He cooks refried beans, adds it to a tortilla with cheese and salsa for a bean burrito.

He loves hummus and fresh-cut veggies with a simple sandwich too.

I just thought of another one that would be good. Yogurt with Tiny Toast as the topper. MMMMM

Lunches on the go do not have to be difficult.

Sometimes I think we over think our teens and tweens lunches. My idea is always to keep it simple. My teen son is a genius at his lunch ideas. The kids are loving the Tiny Toast. It gives them a reminder of what they used to eat in their childhood. The cereal is slightly sweet but so good. The milk is the perfect balance for this yummy cereal. We eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and even dinner occasionally. It’s a quick and easy meal and it’s fairly healthy. The Tiny Toast Cereal has real bits of blueberry and strawberry in every bite. You won’t find the yucky stuff in this cereal either. There’s no artificial flavors, no colors from artificial sources, and no high-fructose corn syrup. This cereal has great taste and only 9 grams of sugar. It’s sure to be a hit in your family like it was in mine! I found Tiny Toast at my local Kroger. There’s a coupon available for Tiny Toast too. Make sure you print it out before you go shopping!

tiny toast cereal bowl

This was my lunch yesterday and it was delicious.
Which flavor Tiny Toast are you looking forward to try? What do your kids like to eat when they’re eating on the go?

are you looking for quick and easy lunch ideas to get you through your work day? I've got them for you.

11 Replies to “Great lunch ideas to eat on the go”

  1. I love eating cereal for snacks and lunch. I don’t know who said cereal is only for breakfast. This cereal looks delicious and easy to eat while on the go.

  2. I think that cereal is the perfect meal anytime of day. I have been wanting to try Tiny Toast Cereal. I have heard that is delicious. I am a blueberry fan, so I think the blueberry would be delicious. I also love it has no artificial colors or flavors.

  3. For our kids here, cereals will be okay for breakfast. It’s a healthy choice that’s packed with flavor. However for lunch we mostly prefer eating meal with rice. 🙂

  4. We recently seen this cereal when we were at the grocery store. I love your on-the-go meal ideas. We spend so much time away from home during the summer, so this will be very handy. I’m with you, the yogurt topped with Tiny Toast cereal sounds delish!

  5. I gave up on trying to be supermom and packing awesome, thrilling lunches a while ago. Now, I focus on variety and things I know my kids will actually eat. If they want a ham sandwich every day, go for it! I do try to mix up their sides and always make sure I include at least one fruit.

  6. These are great ideas! My kids actually love to build their own parfaits and sometimes, I include a crunchy, fun cereal for them to put in it!

  7. I have not tried these yet. Looks so good and i love the idea of the cute little toasts! lol This would be a great snack for work too.

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