Getting Ready For Back To School Time With HP Computers! #ad

Getting Ready For Back To School Time With HP Computers!

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Parents it’s almost that time again! Time to get back in the swing of things and get our kids ready to get their butts back to school! Back to school time is bittersweet in my home. I love being able to spend times with my kids in the summer going on vacations and sleeping in. But I also love getting back in the school time routine and getting more work done during the day, ha! My kids are old enough now that they are able to really take hold of their own responsibilities and actions so I just get to step back and watch them bloom into awesome young people. 

If there is one thing any student needs in today’s day and age, it’s a great computer. And our house HP is the brand that we know and trust to have products that work great for everyone’s needs. If you are thinking about purchasing a new laptop for the upcoming school year, may I suggest a new HP laptop? I went search on their website and fell in love with the HP Spectre x360 laptops


The HP Spectre x360 offers 360 degrees of versatility and Zero compromises. Not all work is done sitting at a desk in my home (we like to get out and about so the unique, durable 360° hinge transitions seamlessly to four modes was something that was a real game changer for us. It’s also very light and sleek, so it’s easy for the kids to take with them to school or practice. It also has 12 hours of battery life, so that is helpful for getting in a study session during family road trips! And with 16GB of storage, it’s able to hold all the kids papers and projects. The HP Spectre x360 is an all around great family computer that can used for so many different things. I highly recommend it for anyone that needs a great all-in-one laptop for work or play!

Make sure to check out all the great laptop selections for back to school time on the HP Website

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So happy shopping, happy saving, and I hope everyone has a great start to their school year! 

20 Replies to “Getting Ready For Back To School Time With HP Computers! #ad”

  1. I have a granddaughter who is going to be a senior in high school this year and we will be shopping for a laptop. I have been told that an HP is a good computer, I have always had an Apple. I think for her first computer a HP

  2. I’m happy that my kids are adults. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for young people these days.

  3. Times have changed so much. I have grandchildren aged 5 and 6 that could teach me a thing or two about computers.

  4. HP is awesome. I have a desktop and my daughter has a laptop for college. I am looking for to getting me a HP laptop soon!

  5. Back to school shopping is expensive. Buy in bulk if possible and put things aside for the next year. Depending on the age of the child, some items are needed yearly.

  6. It’s amazing that a computer would be on a back to school check list. Things have changed so much over the years.

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