FREE Vacation Packing List Printable

FREE Vacation Packing List Printable

free vacation packing list

You guys, I have a confession. I am a terrible packer! I always seem to forget something super important when we go on vacation. For example, when we went caving a few weeks ago, I forgot to pack tennis shoes for my daughter and I. You just can’t go crawling around in a cave with flip flops on, trust me. So we had to go buy brand new pairs of tennis shoes while we were out. Which is not only an expense I didn’t expect, it was also a foot killer because everyone knows you have to break in a pair of tennis shoes before trekking out in them right!? But I digress, the point is, I always forget things when going on vacation. And so I got to thinking, if I put a little effort into planning my packing list before hand, maybe I wouldn’t forget things so often! So the idea for a Vacation Packing List Printable was born! 

My Free Vacation Packing List Printable has the items that most people need while on vacation. You basic things like clothes, your toothbrush, tennis shoes, etc. If you are going on a specialty trip and need certain things, just flip this handy little printable list and write in the things you need. I put my list out as soon as I start packing, and then just check them off as I go along. I print one out for each family member as well so i make sure everyone has exactly what the need. 

I thought that there must be other forgetful packers like me out there so I wanted to share my free vacation packing list printable with you guys! Just print out, check off your list, and enjoy yout vacation!

Here is my free vacation packing list printable:

vacation packing list

(Click to enlarge and print) 

Where is your favorite place to vacation? I would love some new ideas! 

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