FREE Student Questionnaire Printable For Teachers

FREE Student Questionnaire Printable For Teachers


Moms and Dads, we have almost made it through another summer! Can you believe that in just a few short weeks our kids will be back in school (well, for those of us in the south anyways)? It seems like the summer just sped on by us! I love spending the summer with my kids, and I also love getting back into the regular year sewing of things. While we are enjoying the rest of the summer, our children’s teachers are already back to work getting classrooms ready, creating lesson plans, and thinking about what their new class will be like. I spend some time teaching myself, and I know that the first few days with a new class are crucial days for setting the tone for the rest of the year. You really want to try to get to know your students so you can find the best way to make the year easiest for the both of you. 

Something I always liked to do with my kids on the first day of school is a little student questionnaire! It’s just a series of simple questions that help me get to know my students. Find what we have in common, find out what the have in common with their classmates, and how I can best help them learn during the year! Now I’m not teaching anymore, but I always love to help a fellow teacher out, so I thought I would share my student questionnaire printable with you guys, enjoy! 

Here is my free Student Questionnaire printable for teachers:


(Click to enlarge and print) 

So from my family to yours, I hope everyone has a wonderful school year! Get to know your students, take a deep breath, you are going to do fab! 


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