Is there a gut connection to your immune system? #NuCulture #ad

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I’ve known for quite a few years that there is a connection to your gut and your immune system. Taking my dog to the veterinarian was my first introduction to this idea. My dog has always had hot spots and runny eyes. We knew he had skin issues we just didn’t know what to do to fix them. This vet said I’m not going to tell you it’s going to work but I will tell you what has worked for other clients. Probiotics. So I got some for the dog. It cleared up his hot spots and his watery eyes. At the same time my cat began to lose her hair from her tummy. I gave her the probiotics as well. Hers cleared up too. I do not think this was a coincidence. We’ve been using probiotics on them ever since. This year we also decided if it did great things for them what all could it do for us? So we investigated.


It was then that I was introduced to AlternaScript. I ordered a bottle and decided to see what would happen. You can order your NuCulture, along with all AlternaScript products, through a subscription on the AlternaScript website. They do also offer free trials of their products. I love that they say NuCulture was not made for stores or distributors. It was made for people. It offers to you as the probiotic of the future. It combines clinically studied probiotic strains with a powerful prebiotic strain. It is encapsulated in a patented delayed­released system to ensure NuCulture probiotics arrive alive. And that my friend is a very good thing!

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NuCulture has non­competing strains of many different “good bacteria” put together in an exclusive blend that has been clinically studied individually, and collectively, to ensure that they work. There are over 100 TRILLION (read that as a lot) of bacteria in your gut­ 10x more than all the cells in your whole body. These bacteria power over half of your immune system. When the good bacteria become overrun by the bad bacteria, they can’t do their job and protect you. NuCulture has been scientifically designed to give you the power to influence and take control of your ecosystem (your body). Let’s start looking at our bodies as ecosystems. Because it’s what they are! Think of your body as a garden. The good bacteria take up residence in your gut and they are like the flowers of the garden. The bad bacteria are the weeds. So if the weeds are overtaking your garden then there’s a problem. NuCulture’s prebiotic does the work of pulling out the weeds so that there is now room for the probiotics to plant seeds for beautiful, healthy flowers to blossom in your newly rejuvenated garden. NuCulture’s job is to restore your ecosystem.

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Have you tried probiotics? Does the 7 day free trial make you want to give it a whirl?

19 Replies to “Is there a gut connection to your immune system? #NuCulture #ad”

  1. I have never tried probiotics. I wonder if they would have some sort of reaction against other meds I’m currently taking.

  2. I have heard so much about probiotics and overall health. I started taking them last month after my doctor prescribed me antibiotics. Thanks for all of the great information 🙂

  3. I really need to try and take more probiotics my immune system is shot so they could well help quite a bit. x

  4. This sounds like a great supplement. Probiotics is definitely important and it’s nice to get your daily dose of it everyday.

  5. I haven’t tried probiotics before. I bet this is a great product though. Sounds like it would really help. I wonder if it would help me out.

  6. I have never had the chance to try probiotics but I have to admit that the seven day trial makes them very tempting to give a shot.

  7. I have tried them before but never this brand. I would be willing to give it another try with these.

  8. Great review! Sounds like a great product to try. I have not tried probiotics supplements before. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, nice product. I think I’ll buy some of these, me and my husband need some restoration of our body,

  10. Drinking multivitamins and other supplements seem to be the rage now. Everyone is jumping into the bandwagon but its a good thing coz at least everyone will be healthier.

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