How to make a chalkboard backsplash in your kitchen! #diy #tutorial

Before we bought our new house I had been making plans for our old house. I had been planning on doing a backsplash but it ended up the new house got it. I wanted a backsplash that didn’t cost too much and that I could change if I wanted too. I stayed away from the tiled backsplash. My fear is that I would hate it in 10 years and then it’d be a pain to change. I chose the chalkboard backsplash and I’m so glad I did.

how to do a chalkboard backsplash in your kitchen

Here’s what you need to know to do a chalkboard backsplash.

First remove any wallpaper and prepare the wall. I had wall paper to remove. I wrote a post for you to read on how to remove wallpaper fast and easy.

hubby removing wallpaper

I removed all the wallpaper that I could reach. You can see above that my hubby had to help me in spots. Then I sanded the wall to make sure there wasn’t any residue left on the wall. Finally my last step was to wipe it down. That’s really about all the prep you need to do.

how to remove wallpaper backing

Then I began applying the chalkboard backsplash.

painting the chalkboard backsplash

I began using a paintbrush because it’s what I had on hand. It didn’t look so good, right?

chalkboard backsplash 1

I went to my local home department store and bought a roller to put it on with. Rolled a thick layer each time I put it on.

how to do a chalkboard backsplash

Once I figured out the roller thing it went on so fast. I was done in no time. I put about 2-3 coats on to cover the yellow underneath. I am so happy with my soft gray kitchen and my chalkboard backsplash. I think it looks fabulous and was not too costly to do.

how to do a chalkboard backsplash

What kind of backsplash do you like? Would you ever do a chalkboard one?

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