5 Moving Hacks you can use!

Are you thinking of moving in the near future? We just did. Let me help save you time and money and check out my great moving tips! We just moved after 17 years in the same house. It wasn’t pretty…let me tell you. We have gone from 1 to 3 kids in this house. We loved that house and never thought we would move. I always thought I’d retire in that house. But sometimes another house steals your heart like you never thought it would. Here’s the hacks we learned while moving.

5 Moving Hacks

5 Moving Hacks to help you move

1. Get boxes! I got mine from someone who had just moved. Call your local grocery stores or your local liquor stores for packing dishes. I didn’t have but maybe 30 boxes. We made use of other things as well.

2. Use what you have! Put those laundry baskets to work for you. We used our laundry baskets, hampers, trash cans etc. Everything pulls double duty when you’re moving. I would take a load over as I dropped the kids at school. I would unload over at the new house and then take my baskets back home. Then I would pack another laundry basket. I moved and reused a lot of my baskets over and over again.

3. Heavy duty construction trash bags are your friend. We used them to empty drawers of clothes into and move. Then we reuse them again as trash bags once we’ve moved. Reduce, reuse, recycle! I recycled our boxes too.

4. Use your bedding to protect your valuable items in the truck. We placed our bedding around our tv, hutch, mirrors, stove, etc. This is an excellent use of your old bedding you’re not using.

5. Plan a yard sale before or after to get rid of stuff you know you’ve not used in a year. Yes, I am planning a yard sale right now. Only problem is…rain is called for this weekend. Doh!

Moving is a stressful time but you can get through it. You can even come out ahead with less stuff. What other tips do you have to help others move? We rented a truck from our local home improvement store for $100. Make sure you check into whether you need insurance or not on their truck. They don’t automatically provide that. They only had the smaller truck when I called. But luckily we were only moving 2 miles away so we made two trips and called it done. I. will. never. move. again. Everyone always says this, don’t they? Thank goodness for 3 kids helping us move. We also put a call for help out on social media and had 2 couples that helped us move. I so appreciate those that helped us. It made our day so much better to be doing it with friends. We laughed and goofed off and got it done. We will gladly return the favor. We bought them dinner and drinks at a local restaurant at the end of the day. It was such a long hard day. But it’s over and behind us and life is sweeter with our new place. We love this house and the backyard. It’s our home.

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