Mother’s Day gift idea your kids can make! #recipe

Are you looking for a yummy treat that your kids can make you for Mother’s Day? Why not have them make chocolate covered strawberries. They’re a sweet delicious treat that my kids loved making me and they loved helping me eat them. It was a win/win in my book. They took their time to make me a gift and were proud of their results. Check out how easy it is!

chocolate covered strawberries final....

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Mother’s Day

chocolate covered strawberries ingredients

First grab your ingredients:

chocolate chips
vanilla chips

chocolate covered strawberries microwave

Wash and dry your strawberries. Place chips in separate microwave safe bowls. Then microwave for 1 minute and check it after every 10 seconds until you stir the chips and they’re smooth.

having fun making chocolate covered strawberries

Dip your Strawberries in the chocolate and lay on a parchment covered cookie sheet.

busted eating the goodies

Or get busted putting them in your mouth instead of on the cookie sheet.

chocolate covered strawberry

Once you’ve dipped them in the chocolate use a spoon and drizzle some chocolate of the opposite color on top of the strawberry. So a layer of chocolate and then a drizzle of the opposite chocolate.

chocolate covered strawberries on parchment

Look how beautiful they turned out! We had trouble waiting for them to chill in the fridge. But when we did it was so worth it. You pay $19.95 to have 12 strawberries delivered. I paid less than $5 for ingredients and we got close to 30. They were so good too. Just let your kids do it themselves and it’s a delicious treat that they can make for you for Mother’s Day. Yum.

chocolate covered strawberries recipe

This would be a great gift for your Mom or Mother In Law too. Anyone would love this sweet treat so make sure you make chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day!

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