How to remove wallpaper quick and easy!

We bought a fixer upper this year. Boy has it been a lot of work. We’re getting closer to moving in and we can not wait. I don’t like wallpaper. So when we bought our fixer upper we knew that all the wallpaper would have to come down. Goodbye 1990’s wallpaper!

Check out how easy it is to remove wallpaper.

how to remove wallpaper

First gather the items you’ll need to remove wallpaper fast and easy!

items needed to remove wallpaper

Steam cleaner
fabric softener

hubby removing wallpaper

First add a TBS of fabric softener to the water in your steam cleaner (follow directions for how much water to add to your particular steamer). (Always check to see if your model steam cleaner can handle it first). We did it in two different steamers and it didn’t hurt either one that I know of. They’re both still working away. Once you have your steamer all warmed up I would then spray the water/fabric softener combo on the wall and let it soak in for about 5 minutes. You can usually pull the wallpaper down without any problems. But the backing of the wallpaper is left behind and still has to come off.

how to remove wallpaper backing

After it’s soaked for 5 minutes then you can scrape it off without any problems. I did my kitchen almost by myself and it was covered in wallpaper. My hubby had to help me get the corners and the spot over the fridge. Short people problems…I got a lot of short people problems. It took me about 2 days to get it all down and then sand the walls so I can paint over it. Please forgive my photos. They were truly a “work in progress.”

sand the walls after removing the wallpaper and before painting

You can see my after photo. The walls had wallpaper first. Then you saw a happy yellow. Then finally after removing wallpaper and sanding I painted it a light gray.

how to remove wallpaper fast and easy

We debated back and forth on a backsplash. We finally decided on a chalkboard backsplash. The chalkboard backsplash cost me $10 and is another great post to look forward too!

chalkboard backsplash

Have you worked on a fixer upper? Got any tips for wallpaper removal? I’d love to hear them in a comment.

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