5 reasons you need a baby carrier! @CottonBabies #ad

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5 reasons moms need a baby carrier
When I had my first child 19 years ago baby carriers weren’t really a thing. They had a few of them out back then. But they were bulky and had metal rods in them. They didn’t seem like a reliable option for me at the time. Fast forward to when my 3rd child was born in 2006. I was officially outnumbered and no longer had enough hands. Baby Carriers made my life so much easier then. I never should have waited until my 3rd child. In this day and age I believe it would be beneficial with the first baby.

Check out my 5 reasons you need a baby carrier!

1. It frees up your hands to make dinner or do what needs to be done during the fussy hour of having a baby. Babies tend to cry from 5-8 pm at night. It’s because they’re tired and hungry and it’s just a known fussy time. If you have a baby carrier it does make it better.

5 reasons baby carriers are a must have item

2. It gives baby a feeling of security. You want your baby to know you’re there for them today and always. The baby carrier and being strapped to you helps them to know you’re comforting and close. They are also able to keep their eyes on you!

3. It gives you more time in your day. Because baby is being carried and close you are able to cook and clean or get things done. They are satisfied and secure because of the warmth of your body.

4. It calms baby down. If baby is fussy and nothing is working then putting baby on your back or front and go for a walk might help. This way they have a change of scenery and you get a workout in. It’s a win/win for calming baby and mommy down.

which baby carrier should you get?

5. Using a baby carrier helps incorporate baby into your life. It allows you to get back to doing what you need to do. From playing with a toddler to food prep and errands you can be content knowing baby is getting what they need from you.

Millions of women around the world wear their babies. It allows you to help baby feel comfortable and get on with whatever you have to do during the day. Cotton Babies has two known and trusted brands for you to choose from. Check out the Tekhni Woven Baby carriers or their Sakura Baby carriers. It’s the two that they trust to help you get things done during your day and take good care of baby too.

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  1. I’ve never had kids, so all of this is so new to me. My stepdaughter is expecting in July, so I am checking this out (and learning so much about what babies and toddlers need LOL).

  2. I never used a carrier with my daughter because she didn’t like them and was happy to play alone. My sister is not so lucky with me niece who has to be up in all that is going on. She actually just attended a baby wearing class to try out different options. It is important to have your hands free when you have a baby and a carrier is a great way to do so.

  3. When both my kids were little I used a carrier and loved it. It makes me feel so close to baby and I like having them near me. Its good for mommy bonding,

  4. I don’t have kids yet, but I have heard a lot of great things about baby carriers! I feel like they’re really great especially when you need your hands free. I’m definitely going to be buying one of these in the future!

  5. I also noticed that my baby would feel more comfortable and calm when he’s in my baby carrier. Carrying my baby with my hands can be exhausting and I’m happy that now we have different baby carriers to choose from.

  6. These are great reasons that moms shout use baby carriers. I’ve never had any kids myself, but I did work as a nanny with a new born and the ONLY way to get anything done some days was to carry her around while I got other things accomplished!

  7. Baby carriers are so handy! I would have been lost without them when my last child was born. I was able to accomplish so many things and I didn’t have to feel guilty for putting them down.

  8. I used a baby carrier with my little ones. All of these reasons are reality when you’re a mother. I never have been one to let my baby cry, so I finding myself holding them a lot. The carrier helped with multitasking, for sure.

  9. I use baby carriers like these all the time. I just love having my son close to me and it frees my hands up to do other things.

  10. I don’t have kids myself, but I have given baby carriers as shower gifts. I’ll check these brands out!

  11. I love my baby carrier. My grand baby is fussy but when you have her in the carrier close to you she is content. It is a must have for us

  12. All great reasons! I did a little baby wearing with my oldest (10 yrs old), but it wasn’t that popular and not many options (at least not that I knew of). Then with my middle child I didn’t have the resources and I wore my youngest the most and it was so wonderful, I wish I had done so with the older two.

  13. I loved my baby carrier and all 5 of the points are very true. My son wanted to be held 24/7 and a carrier helped save my sanity through those months.

  14. My youngest is 9 and I have 5 children all together I don’t know what I was thinking never using a carrier like this when they were babies. I sure wish this was around when I had my babies.

  15. Baby carriers really help me multitask and I have less back pain when I use them vs carrying my daughter in my arms.

  16. I loved our baby carrier! It worked so well with both of our children. And I loved having them close to me. For anyone with a fussy baby, a baby carrier is a must!

  17. I like that while using a baby carrier, your hands are free to do other things. That is so important.

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