Sausage Pinwheels recipe quick, tasty and easy!

When I was growing up my mom made sausage pinwheels mostly at Christmas time. It was something we definitely looked forward too. But it’s something we love to eat every day of the week. I love them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. They’re simply scrumptious. Not maybe so good for your waistline but…let’s eat!

sausage pinwheels recipe

Check out how easy they are to make!
sausage pinwheel ingredients for the recipe

Here’s the ingredients needed in the Sausage Pinwheel Recipes

2 packages of Crescent rolls
1 lb of sausage
cheese (about a cup could be shredded or you can do like me and just slice it thin and put it in).
mustard (I squirt all the way down the roll).

And the Sausage Pinwheels Recipe

This could also be titled, “How I screwed up sausage pinwheels.”

I just knew I should cook the sausage first. Which of course you can. But not if you plan on cooking the pinwheels right away. So here’s my sign. Do not cook the sausage. Period. First thing first. Lay out all the crescent rolls and make them touch like a bottom crust. Just use your fingers to pinch them together. See picture below.

crescent rolls put together

When this is done you can then add the uncooked (not cooked, remember…doh!) sausage to the middle of the crescent rolls.

sausage pinwheel spread it on crescent rolls

You can see I added the cooked sausage and it made it hard to roll. Then add your cheese I used a leftover package of extra sharp cheddar cheese that I just sliced thin. Add a squirt of mustard all the way down the roll.

sausage pinwheels recipe

Then roll up lengthways and slice. If you think these are too big you can do one can of crescent rolls and a half a pound of sausage and make them smaller. These are great to freeze after you cook so you can pull a few out at a time. Then slice and bake in the oven on 375* for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Let cool and eat! Yum!

This would make a great breakfast for potlucks or family gatherings! Do you like sausage pinwheels?

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  1. The Pinwheels really look nice and easy to make, yet full of flavor. I would like to make this on the coming weekend. I thank you for sharing this today.

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