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find beauty in the moment

Find beauty in the moment you’re given!

After having my babies my body has definitely changed a bit. For instance my hips are for sure wider than they used to be. My hair is grayer than it was before too. These kids are the loves of my life but they’ve changed me. Mostly for the better…but sometimes things change that aren’t what you were hoping for! Who knew having kids would come with a side of bladder leakage?

get ready and go with poise There are certain things I need now when I leave the house! Especially after last month when I had a really bad cough that lasted for 4 weeks. Normally that’s not an issue but this was one of those deep coughs. I had to keep my poise! This is when I had my first oops moment. I spent a few weeks changing clothes every time I turned around it seemed. Bladder leakage… ugh am I right? Now I know I should have just invested in these Poise bladder leakage pads. They are fabulous and make you able to get on with life without changing clothes all the time. I wish it had occurred to me sooner.

working out and getting older

So if you are going out to jump on the trampoline with your kids make sure you have already stocked up on the Poise liners at Kroger. Bladder leakage is simply no joke! If you’re working out you’ll want to grab some Poise too. They’re so convenient and make my life so much easier and breezier now that I’ve found them. Now I’ll never have an oops moment again! Thank goodness because they’re no fun.

do what you love and get your life back with bladder leakage

Get back to doing what you love with the people you love!

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Then don’t forget to click here to save $1.00 on any Poise Liner or Pad, 30-66ct at Kroger until March 13, while supplies last. What moments do you want to preserve by being able get back into life with your family? Leave me a comment and let me know! Oh and well now you can! So get out there!

16 Replies to “Keep your Poise and seize the moment! #poiseatkroger #PMedia #ad”

  1. I know many women who have and haven’t had children that struggle with bladder leakage. I will definitely share information about Poise as it could help them enjoy life to it’s fullest.

  2. Those Poise liners really do sound helpful (especially for when you are on the go!) I always keep my a little bag of feminine products on hand because you never know 🙂

  3. Though I do not have kids yet I also experience oops moments which are making me nervous for when I actually do have kids I will be in trouble

  4. I learned a few years ago that I could no longer jump on a trampoline! ☺ Not fun! I asked my Dr to “fix” me and they state – just exercise the lower floor.

  5. They never really tell you about one of the side effects of your post pregnancy body. Peeing a little when you laugh. These sound like a great idea!

  6. There are a few things I never leave home without too! Chapstick is one of them and peppermint gum is the other! And I always keep a “lady shizz” bag in my purse too! LOL

  7. I could use these some days too. My kids changed me as well. They are totally worth it.

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