How to get your workout on in small spaces

I do almost all of my working out at home. There’s 5 people living here so it sometimes gets a bit crowded and I’ll take it to my bedroom. My bedroom isn’t big either.

So here’s how I workout in a small space.

how to get your workout on in a small space

When I wanted to workout yesterday there were 7 people here. That’s a lot of people to workout in front of. So I took it to my bedroom. My bedroom is pretty small. It holds my bed, dresser, chest of drawers and two side tables. I threw my yoga mat down and worked out beside my bed and partially in front of my tv. I got my burn in and didn’t have 6 sets of eyes on me because I shut my door.

how to workout in small spaces

What do you need to workout in a small space?

When you go to workout in a small space you don’t need a bunch of workout equipment. I just needed my yoga mat, weights, resistance bands and my tv to workout and feel the burn. I’m happy to say I workout consistently at home and have done so since January. I’ve lost some inches. Not a lot of weight maybe 3 lbs but it’s considerably better than a gain in my book. I record my workout on my dvr. I found my old favorite Gilad on the Jewish Living channel. I’m so happy to have him back giving me my workout every day. He motivates me way more than some syrupy sweet person, ahem Denise Austin, telling me I can do it. Personal preference I guess.

And just for fun I’ll show you the rest of my bedroom. I didn’t bother to clean for you. Hope that’s okay! LOL

how to work out in small homes and small areas

Working out is good for your body and your soul.

My home is messy. It’s not perfect. It’s lived in and I love it. There’s clothes on my bed, towels hanging around drying and vhs recorders (for how I watch my first kid on tape and my wedding) hanging around. My space is small and crowded. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my little family and how we all pile into my house. Don’t take a minute for granted. Get your workout on and don’t let your space deter you. Find you a video or dvd you love and keep working out. It’s so good for your body to go ahead and feel the burn.

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