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I partnered with Cotton Babies to bring you this post. All information is honest and my own!

When my second son was born we didn’t have any money. I had been on bedrest almost the entire pregnancy and unable to work. I had to have a cerclage put in to get my little one to stay in as long as possible. It all worked and he was born. He was rushed to the NICU just for a few hours as he had a fever. But other than that he was perfect and the bedrest was a success. But because of my lack of being able to work we were so broke. It was at this time I began to investigate cloth diapering.

I ended up opening a cloth diaper store/natural parenting store and stocked my favorite diapers, baby wearing slings, baby carriers and so much more. I ran my diaper store for 7 years. Then it just felt like it was time to get out and do something different. I consider myself a cloth diaper expert as I did cloth diaper both my last two babies for so long. So check out what I think you need to cloth diaper a newborn.

how to cloth diaper your newborn

What do I need to buy to cloth diaper a newborn?

Watch the video below and see what you need to cloth diaper your newborn.

So here’s a list of what you need for a newborn according to me!

how to cloth diaper a newborn

12 organic cotton prefolds in newborn size
3-4 newborn covers
3-4 all in ones newborn size for caregivers or when you’re out and about
3-4 pocket diaper in newborn size like the bum Genius
snappi for keeping the prefold diaper around baby
fleece liners to keep baby feeling dry
A diaper pail
A diaper sprayer
a wet bag for holding diapers when you’re out

This gives you enough diapers that you can wash every 2 days. When they get older they go through less diapers then they do when they’re so little. I got this diaper stash at Cotton Babies. They have all your cloth diapering needs there! So make sure you check them out!

One of the reasons I recommend getting a variety is because if this is your first baby you don’t know what you’ll like best. This is one way to get to try different diapers to see what you like! Then when you go into smalls and mediums you can try the one size diapers that fit so well once they’re no longer so tiny!

Now come back tomorrow to see and enter a great newborn diaper stash giveway (this exact one!) from CottonBabies! You won’t want to miss that! Who doesn’t love diaper giveaways!

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  1. This is really helpful. I think I’d consider trying out cloth diapers. It seems simple enough once you have the right gear.

  2. Amanda Love says:

    I used a few cloth diapers when my daughter was a newborn but I was just too lazy to keep it up. I ended up giving them away and stuck with disposables.

  3. Jeanine says:

    I used cloth from the minute my last baby was born. I however a few months later lost the love of it when I parted ways with the brand I worked for, and haven’t decided if I’ll try cloth again for the new baby or not….

  4. Amber NElson says:

    They make cloth diapers so much better these days. Wish I would have used them when my kids were little.

  5. Jennifer Williams says:

    SO glad to have found this. I have a baby shower in a couple weeks and my friend uses cloth diapers. I have no idea what to buy because my boys are well past that stage. I will be sharing the Cotton Babies brand with her and will be back to enter the giveaway!

  6. My son and his wife cloth diapered. It wasn’t bad at all, and I thought it might be. They taught me a few things, let me tell you!

  7. Cloth diapers are so adorable!! My daughter isn’t even that old and I swear cloth diapers weren’t really a thing back then.. Crazy how things change within just a few years!

  8. This is such great information for new moms. I can’t believe how far cloth diapers have come in recent years. Their designs are so cute.

  9. Lisa Rios says:

    Such a great resource for parents who are expecting a baby anytime soon & cloth diapers are the best than the disposable ones. Cotton Babies is new for me, but looks like a great place to get the best for your newborn anytime.

  10. michelleelizondo says:

    Thanks for the tell hows.

  11. Michele says:

    Funny how things that are old become new again .. I used cloth on my first child then quickly switched to disposable as soon as I could… cloth is better by far….

  12. michelleelizondo says:

    How do you pack it up with poo in public? Do you throw the whole thing in the washing machine with poo and all?

  13. Sophia,M.,McConnery says:

    I used Luvs or Huggies on both my daughters.No one ever reads those bags.You are supposed to pull the diaper apart.Throw the cotton in the toilet and garbage the plastic.Now though the plastic is recyclable!

  14. My mom use to always use the cloth diapers. I really like them as well especially if your child has sensitive skin….it works really well.

  15. michelleelizondo says:

    Cloth diapers are awesome.

  16. Cloth is much healthier. Much messier though. I used cloth but overnight or when visiting would use disposables.

  17. April Monty (@MontyApril) says:

    My daughter adores cloth diapers now and the amount if money they save.

  18. Newborn babies are scary creatures. Even when it isn’t a first child. I think cloth is best but the diapers stink and of course need to be washed.

  19. Renee HendersonGray says:

    I remember cloth diapers when my kids were babies. My mom bought them for both my kids.

  20. I am so glad that these days are behind me. It’s a bit hard to relate because my kids are now in their 30’s.

  21. Cheryl Everitt says:

    I used cloth diapers when my kids were babies. Easy to use.

  22. Renee Schuhmacher says:

    Very helpful for new moms.

  23. I would use this method instead of dipisables that hurt the enviromnent.

  24. I only used cloth on my daughter. Of course back then in the late 50’s there were no options LOL

  25. Melinda Berlin says:

    Very commendable to the Mommies who choose to cloth diaper their children. My daughter has a 5 month old little boy and uses disposable. I also used disposable 25 yrs ago. I know what the impact on the world has been over time in using them & applaud the efforts to get back to the basics.

  26. Cheryl Everitt says:

    I used cloth diapers when my children were babies. They were a lot of trouble, but so worth it. These new cloth diapers have come such a long way. Thank you.

  27. Great video and tips for those considering cloth diapering.

  28. tiffany dayton says:

    I don’t have babies. My daughter is 17.

  29. It sounds like a no brainer to someone that has adult children. But, yes, as a new parent everything is a bit frightening and every tip helpful.

  30. This seems so much more expensive than store bought diapers.

  31. gloria patterson says:

    I am passing this along to my niece who is due in September. I think cloth diapers are the way to go but she is not real sure

  32. Kim Benton says:

    Seems like so much work to use cloth diapers & disposable are so convenient.

  33. Shahreen says:

    More people should really use cloth diapers – so much cheaper and better for the environment.

  34. Being a new parent is frightening.I say, if using cloth diapers, practice on a baby doll. It isn’t rocket science.

  35. Anne Marie Carter says:

    Great helpful hints on what to buy for a newborn when you don’t want to expose the baby to the chemicals that are found in disposable diapers.

  36. Thanks for sharing this great tips