Pinata Cake Recipe #12daysof

Day 12 with Pinata Cake Recipe

Celebrate With #12DaysOf Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you looking for a beautiful dessert to make for you and your family for Valentine’s Day? Check out what my friend Laura made for her family. This beautiful Pinata Cake will be a must make tradition from now on. It will make your Valentine’s Day a hit!

pinata cake recipe
Valentine’s Day is filled with hearts! Everywhere you go – you see a heart. Be it chocolate, caramel, baked or even frozen, hearts make our Valentine’s more beautiful and sensual.
This Pinata Cake made in the kitchen of Celebrate Woman Today could be made together with your children who would love to cut shapes, fill the cake with candy hearts and decorate the facade. Take a few moments to make happy memories this Heart-ful season together with the people you love the most.
And look, we’ve got more than one creative idea how you could create a festive atmosphere on this Valentine’s Day! Click through the images and see what’s cooking at every location!

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