Lotion Bars Tutorial

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It’s the New Year and I’ve been working on trying to have a healthier me and a healthier home. One way I do this is by getting as many chemicals as I can out of my house. I make my own cleaners, and this past year I delved into making my own beauty items. So this Lotion Bars tutorial is the perfect way to start out the year.

lotion bars tutorial diy recipe

Check out my Lotion Bars DIY Tutorial

First I gathered my ingredients.
You will need:

lotion bars diy tutorial step by step

Coconut Oil
Organic Cocoa Butter
Lavender Essential Oils by Nature’s Truth
Mason Jar with plastic lid
pan with 2 inches of water

lotion bars tutorial directions

Cut up 1 cup of beeswax
Add 1 cup of coconut oil
Add 1 cup of organic cocoa butter

I added this to a mason jar and placed a lid on it. I put it in a pan with 2 inches of water in it. Turned the heat to medium and stood beside it while it all melted. Do not leave the stove or do anything else. As soon as it’s melted, pull it out of the pan of water. I picked it up by the plastic top and it wasn’t hot. If you use a metal top make sure you grab it with tongs or a pot holder.

Take top off and add 5 drops of paraben free lavender essential oils by Nature’s Truth. I swirled the ingredients around to get them mixed together and grabbed a muffin pan out of my cabinet. Pour into muffin pan and let it cool for an hour. I used a silicone muffin tin and it was easy to pop out the lotion bars. They make your hands so soft.

lotion bars drying

I used the lavender essential oils because it’s known to instill deep tranquility and brings serenity and calmness. It’s steam distilled from flowers. It’s a soothing, floral scent and is known for its relaxing and meditative qualities. That’s what made this perfect for the lotion bars.

Why don’t you buy Nature’s Truth and try it for 30 days and see if you feel the difference that premium vitamins bring using Nature’s Truth. They offer a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Visit HonestlyGoodChallenge.com and sign up for valuable discounts, prizes and so much more. What have you got to lose?

While I was there grabbing the Nature’s Truth essential oils. I remembered I was out of my melatonin. I was so excited to see that Nature’s Truth makes melatonin, too. I grabbed mine at my local Rite Aid. But I found out it’s available at Target online, Walgreens and even Amazon.

Here’s where I found it in the Rite Aid aisle.

lotion bars lavender,

I use Melatonin to help with occasional sleepiness. It’s a hormone in our bodies that helps us to regulate our sleep cycles.* When our levels are low, sleep can be broken and restless. The reason I take Melatonin as a supplement, is because it can help with occasional sleeplessness.* That’s a win in my book! Why don’t you try the Nature’s Truth Melatonin? It’s another one you can do
the challenge with!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What ways do you have to help get the chemicals out of your house? Would you make the lotion bars as a gift or for yourself?

21 Replies to “Lotion Bars Tutorial”

  1. I would make those for myself. My sil actually makes lots of lotion bars, so I will share this with her 🙂

  2. The lotion bars look really neat I honestly have never had an idea how to make it look school to try. I wish melatonin would work for me I’ve tried it and it actually has the opposite effect on me.

  3. I have made my own lotion before, but never a lotion bar before. That’s a great idea and would probably help keep my son from spilling it randomly, too. I am all in favor of finding chemical free alternatives whenever possible! #client

  4. Making those looks like fun! I love the scent of Lavender.
    My sleep aid is natural as well. One tablespoon of liquid Magnesium before bed. Our bodies need that, esp as women, and most of us do not get enough of it from what we eat.

  5. I love the idea of the DIY lotion bars as gifts and for myself. The essential oils are great for making homemade beauty products like soaps, lotions, etc. for yourself and others. It is the best thing when you know they are chemical free because you made them.

  6. These look like they could be fun to make with the kids, I bet my daughter would love to make her own lotion. Only thing is we’d have to keep it away from my youngest, I haven’t been able to find a replacement for coconut oil that weren’t another nut oil, darn allergies!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at diy lotions, scrubs, etc. I’ve never heard of lotion bars before! This is something I must try now! I can’t wait to see how mine turn out!

  8. This would be great to have. I love that you can easily make them yourself. I’ll have to look into making some of these soon. Great idea!

  9. I love these! My MIL works for a naturopath and she has been gifting me all kinds of essential oils and supplements and I love them all. I cant wait to make these!

  10. I’ve never heard of anything like these before. These are so interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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