Homemade Natural Bodywash recipe DIY

In this quest to make as many things as possible myself I have come up with quite a few good recipes. This one may just be my favorite. I use it every day in the shower. Why make things myself? Why not! I’m trying to put less chemicals on the single biggest organ we have…our skin. If you think we’re not absorbing chemicals through our skin you may want to rethink that! So I make things myself and enjoy using a chemical free bodywash. Why not make it yourself? Check out my homemade body wash recipe!

Homemade Natural Body Wash recipe

natural body wash ingredients

First gather your ingredients. You’ll need:

Liquid Castille Soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s)
Honey (I used local)
Olive Oil
Essential Oils (I used orange)

all natural body wash recipe

Natural Body Wash Recipe

3 tbs liquid castille soap
3 tbs raw honey
2 tbs oil
9 drops of Essential Oils

Mix it together in a ball jar. Then when ready to use just swish it together and apply to sponge or straight to body. It’s a nice, light way to get your body clean without the chemicals. Who’s ready for a chemical free experience? Why wouldn’t you want to take as many chemicals out of your house as you can? In my opinion it just makes good sense for you and for your family. Let’s go back 100 years ago and get rid of the crap in our homes. Making it yourself can save you money but it can also save you chemicals! Let’s be like homesteaders and make things ourselves instead of consuming more!

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