Fun Party game idea for your next kids birthday party! #ad #GiveExtraGetExtra #CVS

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fun party games for kids

My daughter just had her 10th birthday party and it was a blast. We thought of giving away goody bags to the friends who attended. But I decided I wanted to turn it into a fun game for all involved. So here’s what we did. I ran to CVS and grabbed 5 packages of their new (print the coupon at this link) 35 pack Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice®. Make sure you check out their fun social hub too! Here’s where I found them at the CVS store in my town!

counter extra gum..

Here’s another picture to show you where it’s at in the store. I found it up at the check out. The cashier was so nice to help me locate it!

extra 35 stick party game activity

Can you see how much bigger this is than a normal package of gum? It’s so fun! The package that holds the gum is nice and sturdy and made from recycled products. I love that the packaging is durable and recycled! Then I came home and wrapped them up so they look like beautiful little presents.

extra 35 pack gum gifts party game

Then I called the kids over and told them the rules. We had 5 children total and 5 packages.

fun birthday party game for kids

I said, “we’re going to play this game like hot potato when I play the music you start passing the gift to the right of you. When I stop the song the person who has it in their hands wins!”

birthday game for parties

Then we played until all gifts were gone. I used my phone to play music and pause the music. It was a super simple game that they kids loved. They then got to take their 35 piece pack of Extra® Gum Spearmint or the Extra® Gum Polar Ice® home with them as their parting gift.

birthday game fun

The kids enjoyed playing a fun game. I liked it because it’s better than giving the goody bags with cheap toys that are going to end up in the trash. At least this will be enjoyed until it’s gone.

This has got to be some of our favorite gum! Is it yours? Make sure you try the new 35 piece pack of Extra® Gum Spearmint or the Extra® Gum Polar Ice®! What kind of fun party games do you play at birthday parties?

19 Replies to “Fun Party game idea for your next kids birthday party! #ad #GiveExtraGetExtra #CVS”

  1. Always looking for some new games to play at parties. This one seems really cool, thanks for the idea.

  2. That is a great idea. My kids are way past that age of birthday games, but this is something they would have loved. I am passing this on to a friend who has kids that are the perfect age for this!

  3. This is a genius idea. It’s part of the party, and inexpensive. Plus, it looked VERY cute the way you wrapped them!

  4. Great idea for a party favor. Love your idea to use this as a game too! Much better than giving away junky plastic toys.

  5. Love the game idea and how pretty you packaged up ordinary packages of chewing gum. I’m sure the kids had fun with this. A few times I’ve played a similar game with a chocolate bar and it was always a hit!

  6. I like this idea. Gum is actually good for your dental health as long as it doesn’t have sugar.

  7. This is too cute!! I like the wrapping on the gum too!! I remember playing musical chairs back in the day at birthday parties!

  8. I love this idea, such a simple game. Doesn’t require a lot of materials but the kids would love it. This is perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been having.

  9. My granddaughters birthday is just around the corner so this is perfect timing! She would probably love to get a big supply of Extra gum. Oh, and what a great game idea too, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  10. My parents us to do something similar to this with my sisters and I! (I’m one of 5) We lovd it, and the guym is anice touch!

  11. I really like this gum, my kids do to. I will have to try this game out at our next bithday party.

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