Mango Mai Tais #recipe

My birthday was last week. My friend Cyndi and her hubby came over. She made me a huge lasagne and some amazing Mango Mai Tais. Birthdays can be so fun when you have great friends around to love on you and make you feel special. We played Wii Bowling and just hung out at home. It was a very low key but fun night. Her Mango Mai Tais have quickly become my favorite new drink. It’s nice to make these when I have had after a rough day either at work or at home with the kids. Check it out and make a Mango Mai Tais recipe for yourself or your friends.

Mango Mai Tais Recipe

mango mai tais drink recipe

This recipe is simple and yummy. If you are a mango fan you have to try this drink. It’s got the yummniess of pineapple and the punch of mango rum. Here’s my Mango Mai Tais ingredients!

mango mai tais recipe ingredients

You need a fancy glass uh or just a mason jar.
Mango Rum (I’ve used Malibu and others)
Grenadine syrup
Pineapple juice

mango mai tai recipe add grenadine

For my drink I take a fancy stemless wine glass or a mason jar. I fill it with 3 shots of mango rum (about 1/3-1/2 cup depending on preference). Then I add 1 cup of pineapple juice. I then add about a tablespoon of grenadine. Yum! Make it and let me know if you’re as big of a fan of mango mai tais as I am. You can also add some sprite to make it sparkling!

mango mai tais drink recipe

Do you have a go to drink? Would you like to see me make it? Leave me a comment and I’ll try out a new drink and share the recipe with you guys.

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