Finger knitting scarves and headbands tutorial a fun way to make items you’ll love!

how to finger knit scarves

My girl and I are always looking to learn new skills and find things that we can make together to give as gifts. So we saw on line about finger knitting scarves. We were both intrigued. Here’s what we made and how we did it! I hope you enjoy it and try it too. It makes great gift ideas!

finger knitting scarves how to tutorial

Items we needed:
Wool Ease Yarn quick and thick super bulky 6
fingers 🙂

fingers in finger knitting scarves

Make a slip knot on the end of the yarn and put it on your thumb. Then weave it in and out of your hands like this. Pulling the thread around to the front after.

fingers in finger knitting scarves

Put the thread above the ones that you weaved through and back. Then slide the loops over the fingers. Watch the video below. She’s where I got my inspiration from! You can watch it and pause and then pick it back up and watch it again.

Here’s my end result. It took me about 30 minutes to make it.

finger knitted scarves diy

We then took what we learned and finger knitted headbands for our hair.

finger knitted headbands same technique but we just used regular yarn we had laying around the house.

finger knitted headband diy

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Remember it’s so easy to make and you can always save this video and keep referring back to it as you go. That’s what I did with each one I made. I made 6 for Christmas and birthday presents this year. In different colors and styles. Check out how beautiful they were!

learn how to fingerknit scarves


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Who would you make a finger knitted scarf for? What color would you like?

are you wanting to learning how to finger knit a scarf? video and step by step directions on fingerknitting an infinity scarf here.

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