Babble Boxx has great items I use daily! #ad #BabbleBoxx @DickinsonBrands, @stashtea, @coldeeze, @birchbenders, @LizVaccariello

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babble box items review #ad @DickinsonBrands, @stashtea, @coldeeze, @birchbenders, @LizVaccariello

This was such a fun box to receive in the mail. It had great items that I now use daily. Items such as Stash Tea which came with Organic Gold Cup Chai…delicious and Organic Lavendar Tulsi. I am such a tea fan and I love these. I love that I was able to drink them in my grandmother’s world mug. It’s the little things that make me feel close to her. Teas are a great way to boost your antioxidents and get a healthy kickstart to your day. If you’ve not been a tea fan in the past you should give it another try. I love them especially in winter when it’s cold. They’re offering a special deal on their teas when you buy through me! Use promo code: BABBLE15 to get 15% off entire online order at Valid from Jan 4th-Feb 12th 2016.

tea and a great book stop drop and diet

Because it’s the new year it’s also a great time to pick up a book on how to make healthier choices. Babble Boxx featured Liz Vaccariello’s Stop, Drop and Diet. I love that it has foods to eat when you’re out and close to fast food. It also has some great ways to incorporate prepared foods to save you time and get food on the table fast. It’s a great way for me to find tips to help me curb my appetite.

what's in a babble box subscription service

These two little gems were a bonus in my Babble Boxx. I love the Dickinson’s witch hazel wipes. I’ve put them in my bathroom and use them to take off my make up at night. You get 20 wipes per package and they’d make a great hand wipe when you’re out and about with the kids too. They contain not only witch hazel to clean but aloe to moisturize. Great for work, play or even on the go it’s a great help for sensitive skin (like mine) and won’t dry you out. I have rosacea and it didn’t seem to bother it either. That’s just my experience so always be careful when trying items on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin like mine!

I can’t wait to try the gluten free pancake mix from Birchbender’s. I’m planning on making them for the kids this weekend. I am excited to try my first gluten free option. I’ve had a cough recently and am thinking of taking the Cold-Eeze tonight. I would love to find something that is a natural relief of my current symptoms. Here’s hoping it works! I love the idea of this box. Here’s a bit about what a Babbleboxx is. Babbleboxx isn’t a subscription box – it’s strictly for bloggers. It is a tool for brands to get their products in front of our audience. I think it’s a very clever way to get your products seen. What do you think?

Are you a blogger? Would you be interested in trying out a Babble Boxx?

15 Replies to “Babble Boxx has great items I use daily! #ad #BabbleBoxx @DickinsonBrands, @stashtea, @coldeeze, @birchbenders, @LizVaccariello”

  1. I’ve never heard of this particular subscription box before. I love all those goodies that were packed in there. I haven’t tried any of them yet, at least not until they come up with one made just for bloggers, now that would be cool too.

  2. I love so many of the subscription boxes, but this one looks like one I might actually need! It looks like the products are great and I definitely love trying new things.

  3. I have never heard of this kind of subscription box before! But it sounds so good and will tryout for myself!

  4. Tried subscribing to a beauty box.. but got tired of the contents after a while. Now I am panning to subscribe to a kid box.

    I’m glad for you, you found a box where the contents are all usable.

  5. We just got our first subscription boxes for the kids and they were a big hit but I have yet to get one for myself. This one looks neat 🙂

  6. Even with a six and a four year old, I need wet wipes. I don’t know how people lived without them before now. Sounds like some good teas. Glad you were able to drink it in your grandmother’s mug.

  7. wow it looks like it has some great items! I really like that it has gluten free items. Im all about edible subscription boxes!

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