$100 Gift Card Giveaway 2/14 US

$100 gift card giveaway

Who doesn’t love to spend gift cards? Who could use $100 to spend on things they need? Why not enter to win below and enjoy spending those gift cards on things you want or need!

Welcome to Beautiful Touches & This Frugal Family’s Giveaway

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This Frugal Family will soon be to 15k Fans, so to Celebrate, We’ve collaborated with Beautiful Creatures. To Give you an amazing Gift Card Giveaway

Gift Cards will include: $25 CVS Gift Card

$20 Chipotle Gift Card

$15 iTunes Card

2 $10 Target Gift Cards

$10 Amazon Gift Code

$10 Subway Gift Card

I want to Thank Beautiful Touches’ Libby for helping This Frugal Family with this fantastic Giveaway.

Co-hosts include Do Not Pet & Life With My Two Kids

Make sure to enter on the Rafflecopter Below, for your chance at winning:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Official rules include the following…
“no purchase necessary”

This Giveaway is for US Residents only

Giveaway will continue until February 14, 2016.

You will get all gift cards listed above

Odds of winning depend on number of entrants

Enter on Rafflecopter above

Winner will be selected immediately after contest has ended.

You will have 24 Hours to claim prize if you are selected. If you forfeit, another winner will be chosen immediately.

Libby & Myself will be mailing the Gift Cards to the winner.

We have the right to obtain and publicize the winners name and likeness.

Void Where Prohibited By Law.

66 Replies to “$100 Gift Card Giveaway 2/14 US”

  1. I would buy a educational learning app for my daughter (itune) and home supplies and lunch for me.

  2. I would take my husband out to dinner at Chipotle and I would save the rest for Christmas time to buy for the kids except the Subway I would just treat myself to a nice quite lunch!

  3. I would go eat at Subway immediately after receiving that gift card and then shop on Amazon and Target for small home items like light bulbs and small kitchen gadgets.

  4. I accidentally clicked that I follwed KimJClark on twitter in the above rafflecopter when in fact I didn’t click the link and now I can’t seem to find her in a search on twitter. Please either remove that entry so I don’t get credit for a link I didn’t click or let me know the link I can use to confirm my interest in following her on twitter. thanks so much

  5. I’d buy a phone case on amazon, buy lunch at Subway and buy household items at Target, eat dinner at Chipotle (I’ve never been) and buy hair/beauty supplies at CVS

  6. I would likely use these for gifts, I think all of them would make great gifts and be really appreciated.

  7. My son has a March birthday, i would give him the Itunes and Subway as gifts. I love CVS sales for shampoos and conditioners for me.

  8. I would use the Subway card in the spring when I take my farmer husband’s lunch to him. I would save the Amazon card for something for myself. I would give the iTunes card to my daughters. I would use the Target and CVS cards as needed. I would use the Chipotle card at the mall.

  9. CVS Gift Card – dental health supplies

    Chipotle Gift Card – Burritos

    $15 iTunes Card – Alabama Shakes album

    $10 Target Gift Cards – coffee K-cups

    $10 Amazon Gift Code – new cell phone case

    $10 Subway Gift Card – Spicy Italian classic sub

  10. I would certainly buy a mystery on Amazon, diet coke at Target, and a full size sandwich at Subway.

  11. I would certainly have a busy day! First, I would get breakfast at Subway. Then, shopping for baking supplies at Target. Off to CVS for some OTC medicines. The grandkids will get the iTunes gift card. Lunch at Chipotle, then home again to buy some books on Amazon! Did I forget anyone?

  12. I would save the restaurant ones for our summer vacation in may, and then use the others to buy necessities for our vacation!

  13. I would get lunch with the Subway and Chipotle cards and gifts for family members with the others.

  14. Wow – lot’s of choices!!

    Gift Cards will include: $25 CVS Gift Card – I’d get snacks, they have some good buys on those

    $20 Chipotle Gift Card – still love the carne asada bowl even though they’ve had some scares

    $15 iTunes Card – may daughter is enrolled in Apple music – this gets her a couple of months

    2 $10 Target Gift Cards – athletic socks – just about due for those

    $10 Amazon Gift Code – we buy from amazon alot so this will pad the account for the next purchase

    $10 Subway Gift Card – $5 footlong – sing it with me!

  15. I’d actually probably give them out as gifts to my daughter’s teachers, baby sitters or scout leaders. Everyone loves gift cards!

  16. I am not really sure what I would buy but I would sure have a lot of fun spending them I know for sure the Itunes I would get a new cookbook and cvs I would stock up on paper towels and toilet paper other than that I can’t say

  17. I would buy household supplies with some of the gift cards and give the rest as gifts for my family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I would use the nonfood cards to buy house and personal items. Take the family to eatout with food giftcards

  19. I would buy sandals for my youngest daughter with the Target gc and some subs with the Subway gift cards. We would use the Chipotle gc after they reopen and are all safe. I’m not sure what we would do for the rest just yet. Thank you!

  20. Iā€™d get snacks, CVS has some good buys on those, At Chipotle I’d get the carne asada bowl, iTunes Card monthly payment to apple music, Target I’d get a new pot for the indoor palm, Amazon ā€“ we buy from amazon all the time, Subway – lunch!

  21. I’ll spend them on taking my wife out to eat for lunch once a week. The Amazon card will go towards a bookcase I want. šŸ™‚

  22. it would make for a great day out with my daughter. from lunch to dinner and shopping in between!

  23. I would use several of them as small gifts to my grandchildren–for example, a couple of them don’t like to take their lunch to work, so the food cards would be a nice extra for them.

  24. The subway I would use when I hit towns hiking the Appalachian Trail…the Chipolte too. The Target and Amazon I would use for household items.

  25. Oh many would be perfect for little treats when I’m out with the kids running errands all around town!

  26. I would buy some Kettle Corn at CVS, dog treats at Target, download some Sam Smith songs on iTunes, a cookbook at Amazon, take a co-worker to lunch at Chipotle and give my friend the Subway card.

  27. Love this giveaway. Lunch money, online shopping money and browsing through Target and CVS money. Great assortment.

  28. I would go out to eat with friends with the restaurant cards. I’d listen to the music from iTunes during my workouts and I would also buy some much needed household items with the others. Happy Valentines Day!

  29. I would give these GC’s to my goddaughter, a college student, as part of a “Finals Week” survival kit !

  30. I would treat my sister to lunch and a few shopping sprees. This is an awesome selection of gift cards.

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