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A Love – Hate Relationship

I absolutely love to shop. I can spend hours shopping in stores and online and enjoy every moment of it. Trying things on, choosing gifts for loved ones, finding just the right one. Hours feel like minutes as I admire all of the things I can choose from. In those moments I am lost in shopping induced bliss. Then it’s time to check out and reality checks in! As much as I love shopping, I hate the entire checkout process. Writing checks, searching through my wallet for the card or cash I need, entering my PIN number; you name it, I hate it!

Regions to The Rescue

The lovely folks over at Regions Bank are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the way you bank and help you bank the way you want to bank. What that means for me is removing the “hate” from that love – hate relationship I have with shopping. And believe me, I was so thankful for Regions Bank on Black Friday! I did a lot of my holiday shopping and was able to check my accounts and keep accurate records of exactly what I was spending and where using Regions Online Banking. No matter how you bank, Regions is ready to help with texting, mobile web and apps for your smartphone.

I’m telling you, there is really something for everyone and their payment options make it even easier. They offer Visa Checkout which is a quick and convenient way to make payments online; once you’ve registered with Visa, you never have to put in your card number and address when using Visa Checkout at participating merchants to make online purchases. You can pay with just one quick click giving you extra security. Regions Bank makes making mobile and online payments simple and secure. During the holiday season this gives you real peace of mind while doing your gift shopping. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the security and ease of use really makes a difference in my holiday shopping experience.

Apple Pay® and Android Pay™ allow you to pay in stores with secure and easy to use tap and go technology. You can store your Regions cards on your Apple or Android device and with a simple tap of your device you can make your purchase. It’s so easy to set up and use Apple Pay® or Android Pay™. You can use either to pay at participating stores that accept these contactless Visa payments. Be on the lookout for the contactless symbol or Apple Pay® at checkout. You also get a unique account number for your device. This adds an extra layer of security to your purchases. These free apps are priceless!

I was able to get all of my holiday shopping done fast and easy, with no fumbling around while online looking for my checkbook or credit cards and no nagging feeling of my cared information being vulnerable to a merchant security breach. That’s always been a huge worry of mine after seeing many friends go through the headache of being the victims of credit card fraud. It definitely scares me, but now I can feel secure and worry less while making payments on my tablet, smartphone or computer, thanks to Regions.

paysmarter helps me pay my bills

Send and Receive Money Effortlessly

Regions Personal Pay® is an online payment solution powered by Popmoney® and is an easy way to pay for things like dinner with friends, fundraisers or sending/receiving money to/from friends and family. For only $1 per personal payment, you can securely and simply send or receive money with just an email in as little as a few business days. This is available to Regions Online Banking customers and boy does it come in handy when my son, who’s away at college calls to say “hey mom, umm, I kind of need some cash, like now, please”. It feels good to know that when he has an unexpected expense we can help him out in a matter of minutes and he will receive the money pretty fast.

Find Out More

If you want to learn more about the innovative ways Regions is changing the way we bank and to register for Online Banking, visit www.regions.com. You can also visit Visa Checkout, Apple Pay®, Android Pay™, and Regions Personal Pay® for more information.

16 Replies to “#PaySmarter This Holiday Season with Regions Bank #ad”

  1. I appreciate banks with their own apps and those that you can go to online. It definitely makes banking convenient, no more busy lines!

  2. This is great for people on the road all the time. I’ll have to spread the word to m friends about this.

  3. I have heard great things about Regions Bank we have many branches in my area must pay a visit soon and check it out =)

  4. We’ve been with Regions for about 10 years now – LOVE them! Excellent options and customer service, too!

  5. Keeping finances easy to monitor and control makes the whole process so much less intimidating. It is a great feeling to know that the kids are happy with their gifts, but it’s a great gift for everyone to know that there isn’t any extra debt the day after christmas. Keeping the stress low and the time unencumbered by worry over cash and credit is the best gift you can give your family!

  6. Oh man, I hear you there about the shopping thing. It’s so much fun and you get so many pretty things, but wow expensive. My credit card bills are not great-it’s great that you found a way to help you through it.

  7. I spend more time online shopping now than going to the malls because they are so crowded. Also, online shopping is very convenient and we don’t have to queue when paying. Apple Pay and Android Pay are such innovative technologies we have yet to try.

  8. I am with you, its a love and hate relationship! I love shopping too and having access to different payment plans is what I really need. I haven’t heard of this bank here in NJ, but I will check their website as I am very interested to see what they can offer.

  9. Regions sounds like a great bank! I’ve always been with the same bank but they have been lacking lately – I think it is time to explore my options. Regions sounds like the bank I need in my life!

  10. This sounds great! My husband and I are actually looking for a new bank and I’ll have to recommend that we look into Regions!

  11. I really need to play more and experiment with apps and online banking/payments. I know my bank has the option to take a picture of a cheque and “deposit” into your account, but I’ve been wary to implement the new technology. It’s reassuring that they’ve taken security measures and I’m going to pop over to the site after I leave my comment to see if those quell my concerns a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I actually hate the process of shopping and deplore looking around the store for hours. I would rather go in and get what I want and run out…for a glass of wine lol. But I do love these options because they allow people who love to shop and those who don’t the convenience they both want.

  13. Wow. it sounds like Regions has it all together! I live for Visa Checkout. It’s the best thing since paypal came out. I have been with Wells Fargo for years but I wouldn’t say they make baking with them easy. I may need to look into switching.

  14. Today as the online shopping grows in popularity more people are turning to online shopping for all their needs and wants. Also, in online shopping you can shop anytime of the day, shop in the comfort of your home, and have a wider variety to choose from. It is very convient and hassle free.

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