Mexico welcomes you #welcomePatricias #ad #sweepstakes

Welcome Patricias to Mexico Sweepstakes

Back in October of this year Hurricane Patricia passed into the Vallarta-Nayarit and Manzanillo region in Mexico. We are so thankful that Mexico was prepared, no one was hurt and the hotels and restaurants are as exciting as ever! Mexico wants the world to know that there are no hard feelings against Patricias and is inviting all Patricias to visit. How fun is that?

Do you know anyone named Patricia? If so, visit to enter for the chance to win a trip to the region! You can upload your video or photo to the site showing that you are ready to visit Mexico. You can also Tweet or Instagram your video or photo with hashtag #WelcomePatricias and #sweepstakes (make sure you use the hashtags!).

The Vallarta-Nayarit region is one of Mexico’s most popular winter destinations because of its great diversity and rich culture, along with golden beaches, mountains and jungles. This place has it all! The destination offers exciting and varied experiences such as swimming to a hidden beach, zip lining through a canopy, sunset sailing and ATV rides, and tasting delicious local seafood.
At the heart of this region is also its people. Puerto Vallarta was voted the friendliest vacation destination in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveler. For all these reasons and more you should visit soon!

When planning your next visit to Mexico, consider Vallarta-Nayarit & Manzanillo

Check out Patricia Heaton in this facebook video for more information! I’m going to grab my friend Patty and encourage her to enter and take me! Who can you encourage to enter named Patricia?

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7 Replies to “Mexico welcomes you #welcomePatricias #ad #sweepstakes”

  1. Now that’s a quirky kind of contest and a fun one at that! I would have loved to join and participate. Regrettably it’s only open to US residents but I’ll let my friends know over there. 😀

  2. I know so many girls with the name Patricia. It’s a common woman’s name and it’s beautiful. I’ve heard a lot about interesting places to visit in Mexico but it’s my first time to know about Vallarta-Nayarit & Manzanillo.

  3. What a fun contest! So neat to take something negative and turn it into positive. Wish I knew a Patricia!

  4. I have been to Mexico twice and really liked both cities. Play del Carmen was beautiful and I really want to go back there and stay on a beachfront resort. We have cruised there and stayed in Cozumel but Tulum was really beautiful. I want to go back and see the ruins again and take more photos.

  5. What a cool promotion…I wish I had a friend named Patricia. But, I don’t know anyone by that name. We’ve never been to Mexico before, but I imagine maybe one of these days we will make it there.

  6. I know very few Patricia’s. This is such an interesting way to host a sweepstakes. I would have to think about how to choose who I would go on vacation with. But, I would definitely want to visit Mexico. I could totally use a vacation.

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