Bright Starts Holiday playdate with the littles! #ad #BabyLOLL #BrightStarts

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We had so much fun a few days back planning our playdate. We had the playdate and it carried over with a P theme. For example we ate pancakes. We did P worksheets and talked about the letter P. We came in our pajamas and just had fun playing with our friends. We talked about how we would soon be playing. Then they got to check out the new toys and pronounced it a perfect playdate! Check out our fun playdate.

All I want for Christmas is a child's laugh #christmas #BrightStarts #BabyLoll #ad

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learn and gigle activity station

We started off playing with the learn and giggle activity station. Cole loved the learn and giggle activity station. He couldn’t keep his hands off this fun toy! He played with it most of the morning. Toddlers are so fun. They’re may have been a few knock down drag out fights over this toy. So be aware it’s a huge hit with the toddler set!

The playing continued on! We then moved to the learn and giggle fish. Colin enjoyed playing with this fish. He’s a fisherman just like his daddy! Amaryllis is playing with the fish and having fun too. Girls love to learn…and fish too!

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They then moved on to the spin and giggle puppy. They thought the ball was a fun addition to this toy. Over all the entire day was a big hit. We maybe shouldn’t have done it as a P party. Because before the day was over we had a sick child. He did the P word (puke). No one even likes to say that word. Boo. But the fun we had before hand was a blast. So we’re choosing to ignore the virus that then ran through our poor friends. We’re focusing on the fun playtime we had. The party we had with our friends. The pancakes we enjoyed and the fact that our friends participated!

toy options for bright starts for toddlers

Which toys would your little one enjoy?

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I attended a playdate. It’s always so fun to watch the kids learn and play.

  2. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.We used to have pajama day once a month in our daycare; great memories.

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