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healthy ways to keep the weight off over the holidays

Tips for Keeping the Holiday Weight off and getting healthier!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I eat not because I’m hungry but because I’m bored. I made a printable that will help tell me to go workout a bit instead of eating. Working out through out the day is just as beneficial as doing one long session. Healthy choices are everywhere throughout the day if we choose to take them.

colgate total daily repair found at walmart

One thing I do to prevent me from eating is go ahead and brush my teeth either right after breakfast or right after dinner. Is that snack worth making me brush my teeth again? No! I use the New Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste now and am loving it. I found it at my local Walmart on one of their end caps (at the end of the aisle in the health and beauty section). Did you know that New Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste helps prevent gingivitis and plaque buildup? It also remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth and help prevent cavities which is a good thing! And it fights bad breath and whitens teeth! Woot! By just making a few changes in the last 6 weeks has allowed me to take off 10 lbs right here at the holidays. My goal is another 10 before Christmas! Check out some ways I did it!

healthy ways to keep the weight off

There’s many things we do every day that if we just had a simple reminder we might decide to make better choices. I’d like to get healthier and get more fit. That involves me working out or making better choices at the fridge. So I made a handy printable of things I can do before or instead of grabbing a snack. Check out my free printable and print it out and put it on your fridge. Then when you’re thinking of struggling with a not so good choice you can make a better one!

before you snack Isn’t that a cute printable? Now print it out using the below pdf file. Just right click it and select print. Then attach it to your fridge and it will serve as a reminder to make a healthy choice.

before you snack

tips for keeping the holiday weight off This is where I found it at my Walmart!

New Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste is one easy way I make a better choice. I know my teeth need a good cleaning. I know too that I must brush mine and keep them clean. As a mom we also have to get our kids to brush their teeth to keep them clean. We want our teeth to be around as long as we are. Without brushing we’re at risk of losing our teeth. It’s so much better and healthier for us to keep our teeth and take care of them than the alternative. Let’s all make good choices in our day and see results before the holidays! Make sure you follow New Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste on their channels.


Give Colgate a shout out on their Facebook page and let them know how you’re making a better choice today! Then leave me a comment of how you can make one change that will help you be healthier!

23 Replies to “Tips for keeping the holiday weight off #ad #DailyRepairDifference #printable”

  1. I have been on a renewed health kick for a few days now. I really like the way the exercises are set up. LOL! Its cute. This motivates you to want to get them done.

  2. Healthy Snacks are really important that is where I fail! LOL I hope not to gain weight this season so I am going to try to stay on track.

  3. I definitely don’t want to gain any unhealthy weight. These are great tips. That “brush your teeth” idea makes a lot of sense.

  4. Thanks for the great tips. I always struggle this time of year, so I need all the help I can get.

  5. These are all great tips!! I always find myself putting on a god 5lbs over the holidays and I’m hoping to not do that this year!! I also love that Colgate toothpaste!

  6. Lately, UI have been feeling so homesick sp top cope with it, I eat food that reminds me of home. Almond is my favorite snack, it’s pricey though.

  7. I feel you. Sometimes I am guilty of eating not because I am hungry but because it is time to eat. Thanks for these tips. I hope I will be able to control my appetite this holiday season!

  8. I love this printable! I am going to print it and put it on my fridge as a reminder to myself and my kids to keep moving!

  9. These are great tips to loose weight before the holidays. I will have to give this a try. I have a hard time with portion control.

  10. I aleays put wait on over the holidays! Interesting strategy to brush your teeth right after your proper meal to stop yourself from snacking

  11. I actually have done that before…brushed my teeth so I wouldnt eat again. I need to start implementing that tactic again!

  12. I love to eat and eat and eat some more during the holidays. I need all the tips I can find to keep moving.

  13. That’s interesting…I haven’t thought about brushing my teeth to keep myself from snacking. I have been wondering what the Colgate Daily Repair can do for me – I like all of the benefits listed.

  14. Love the List. I never thought to try a small work out before i reach for something i dont need to eat. Awesome.

  15. That is an awesome printable! It’s so visual and really makes me want to move. The tip of brushing your teeth so you don’t snack more is also a good idea!

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