Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers give my dogs a reason to get excited at dinner time #ad @stellachewys #kickstartyourkibble

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stella and chewy's meal mixins for pets

My dog gets tired of their kibble pretty quick. Of course I have one little rascal that eats certain bits out and leaves the rest. Well when you add Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers to their kibble nothing gets left in the bowl by either dog! They loved it so much. I have a lab that weights about 80 lbs and a malti zhu that weighs about 13 lbs. They both were seen gobbling their kibble up once the Meal Mixers were added in.

Check out my Snowball eating his dinner.

stella and chewys meal mixers

He really enjoyed this. He is hopping on two legs when I’m getting his dinner ready. Now my 80 lb lab just gulps it down before I can even get a picture. He. is. a. pig. But we love them both. And seeing them eat the Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers being gobbled up by them both made me happy. Snickers will eat anything and does. Snowball is a bit pickier and he loved the raw food that is in the meal mixers.

stella and chewys meal mixins for dogs

Raw feeding pets is like giving them the food they would have eaten in the wild. It’s an easy and convenient way to mix raw food nutrition into any meal. The meal mixers are made with cage-free chicken with no added hormones or antibiotics. There are no grains or artificial preservatives added and it’s made with wholesome fruits and vegetables. It also contains probiotics and antioxidents which are added to the Stella and Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers. I used just one scoop per meal per dog. The bag has 40 scoops of food so it should last me about 10 days. Sometimes I do give it to them in the morning but not at night. Just depends on my mood and how long I want the raw meal mixers to last. The company basically freeze dried the food to lock in the nutrition and flavor. It’s a good thing for my dogs. I never realized how easy raw feeding could be! It comes in 4 flavors Stella’s Super Beef, Chewy’s Chicken, Tantalizing Turkey, and Savory Salmon & Cod. My dogs were really happy with the chicken flavor.


Which flavor would your dog like to try raw?

19 Replies to “Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers give my dogs a reason to get excited at dinner time #ad @stellachewys #kickstartyourkibble”

  1. I am sure that my dog, Milo would love any of those flavors. It sounds like a really great brand of dog food.

  2. I’ve never heard of this food before. I think my dad would love the chicken one. When we buy her food that’ the one she gobbles down the fastest!

  3. I have been looking for something like this for my dogs. Just to perk up the taste of their regular food. They look like something good for the dogs.

  4. I have a dog and we love her so. We want to take care of her as we take care of our kids. This looks like something she would love.

  5. This is great we transitioned our dog to a partly raw diet, this is amazing. I am sending this post over to my husband he has done extensive research on going raw with our fur baby.

  6. What a great way to keep their appetites going strong. The salmon and cod ones might be a good change of pace for us.

  7. I also have a lab who is a pig! A picky pig but a pig nonetheless. I think he would like chicken, beef or turkey.

  8. My pup loves freeze dried food and treats! This is a brand we trust so I am so excited to introduce this food as an extra special treat for my Ladybug.

  9. Just like human, dogs look forward to an exciting meal as well. I have never tried this brand for my dogs yet but I will check it out.

  10. My dogs would love this, they aren’t too pick but this looks like the kind of thing they usually like..

  11. These sound amazing for the dogs indeed and I love there are no grains along with no added preservatives. I would get the Stella’s Super Beef for my dog to try first.

  12. I have never seen this product before. It looks like something my picky pets might love!

  13. I just sent your review to my best friend. She is always looking for new treats for her doggies! Looks like the your puppy loves it!

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