How to make stocking hats and leg warmers from old sweaters gifts

We love to make and give homemade gifts. My daughter and I are always on the hunt for a fun new gift we can make together. Check out how we made stocking hats from old sweaters! It’s a great diy gift for anyone.

how to make a stocking hat and leg warmers from a sweater a great diy handmade homemade gift idea

First step is to gather your sweaters that you no longer want. We found two one for my girl and one for me.

items needed to make sweater hats You need a sweater you no longer use, scissors, heat resistant glue or needle and thread. Make sure you have your sweater inside out the entire time you are making it. Then when you’re finished you’ll turn it inside out and the glue or thread will not show.
cut sweater just under arms Cut sweater just under arms

cut up one side of the sweater Cut up sweater on one side and one side only.

wrap around head to see how big you need it Wrap around your head so you know how much you will cut off and the hat will fit your head. Then cut that extra off.

fold into thirds and cut dome Next fold it into thirds.

then cut across the top like a rounded dome Then cut a rounded dome at the top of what is to be your hat. It is important you make sure your sweater is inside out with seams showing when you start the rest of the process.

once cut add glue to side of sweater
Fold in half and glue the one side to the other.

glue edges together on top of hat Glue edges together on top of hat.

cut sleeves to make leg warmers Use the arms of the sweater to make leg warmers. How cute are they?

leg warmer made from sweaters

she made her own hat My girl in her sweet hat!

me and my hat Me and my hat!

my girl in her hat Look away from her cute self!

how cute is this hat? We had so much fun making this hats together. I hope you are able to put this diy to work and make a hat and leg warmer set for your family and friends that need a warm hat! I know it’s a lot to process in making a hat. So I want to show you the video I used to make my hats. She does an awesome job explaining everything. When I was on each section I would just pause until I was ready to continue. Easy Peasy!

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Make this great diy project and give a gift of stocking hat and leg warmers from an old sweater.

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