7 Gift ideas that will make any teen’s day! #ad

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for that special teen? Well I have got some great gift ideas for you! I asked my kids’ friends and they gave me some of the top answers of the must haves on their Christmas list. Check them out below!

gifts that teens want for christmas

7 Gift ideas that any teen would love for Christmas

1. Guitar Hero (for xbox, playstation, etc). They have some great followers that will help if you have any questions too. You can check them out on twitter. @guitarhero This game is so fun for teens. It allows them to see if they’d be good at something and get the musical side of their brain to light up like a Christmas tree. They say when you play music your entire brain is being activated and that’s a good thing!

2. For the kid heading off to college a new bike or a bike rack with a specialty lock for his bike while on campus. That’s for sure one thing we’re getting our teen. His campus is large and it’s so much faster to ride all over campus than it is to walk. During this long cold winter we think he’ll love the bike rack and u lock.

3. If you’ve got a teen that walks on a big campus then you need a hoodie. My teen lives in his hoodies. I found this Ninja hoodie that will also give them some pretty good face protection in the cold. Check it out I think the teens would love that!

4. Video chat walkie talkie is something my son is really wanting right now. It would be great fun for him to have so he can chat with the friends in our neighborhood. Oh great fun right? It’s so much cheaper than a phone but still a fun way to chat with their friends that are close by.

5. If you’ve got a teen about to finish high school then check out this book called the 97 things you must do before you finish high school. It’s a must read for the teen set.

6. When they become teens it’s time for them to start learning how to cook. So a great gift to give them is a how to cook cookbook for teens. Check out the Clueless in the Kitchen cookbook for teens

7. All teens need a charger for their phone. Why not get them a charger that goes in their car so their phone is always ready to go!

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