Spooky sensory activities for kids fun ideas and things to do!

Sensory play has so many benefits for kids! From developing fine and gross motor skills, to encouraging kids to explore the world by engaging their senses of touch, smell and sometimes even taste. Aside from the many benefits for a developing mind, sensory play is always a recipe for fun! I found 6 spooky sensory activities for kids to share with you! These ideas are the perfect way to welcome the Halloween season while having hands on fun!

spooky sensory activities for kids

Extra Bubbly Witches Brew
Spooktacular Slime
Halloween Ice Play
Slime Recipe Without Borax
Glowing Slime
Excavating a Mummy

Which of these ideas do you think your child would have the most fun with? I think the glowing slime sounds like a lot of fun! My kids are sure to love it! If you have an idea for spooky sensory play I would love to hear about it in a comment!

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