Inside Saving Tip: Buy gift cards now and save for the holidays #ALBSWYFall10 #ad

Hey friends! I’ve got a great deal and insider savings for you to take advantage of today. Make sure if you’re interested you go ahead and get your gift cards before 11/3. The offer begins today 10/21 and is good only until 11/3.

gift card savings for christmas

Here’s how you can work the gift cards.

First you go ahead and buy the gift cards now at Albertsons or Safeway. Then take advantage of this offer: Buy $100 or more in select gift cards, and receive a $10 coupon for your next purchase of $25 or more at Albertsons/Safeway. So you can save on Halloween candy or Thanksgiving dinner.

You can also earn double fuel rewards on gift card purchases at Safeway everyday.

Earn points, miles or cash back by using your favorite rewards credit cards when you buy gift cards everyday

Here are the gift cards for you to purchase and take advantage of these deals.

Sports Authority

Other notes!
You must present coupon at checkout
See store for more details.
Double fuel rewards on gift cards purchased at Safeway only. $1 = 2 points. Don’t forget to use your Safeway Club Card!
Some credit cards may have limits on the rewards you can earn at grocery.

These gift cards would be a great gift for teachers, postal workers, office co workers, teens, teachers or anyone you’ll be giving a gift to soon. I love to save money and if you are purchasing gifts for friends and families then why not save? I’m all for saving money where I can.

Another Way to Save on Gifts

When you buy your gift cards at your local Albertsons or Safeway store BEFORE you shop, dine or paint the town red you can save up to $19! How? I’ll show you how!

By using your favorite rewards credit card to purchase items, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back on your items you needed to purchase anyway. Some credit cards even give you more rewards for purchases made at grocery. One example of this is the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express. It gives you 3% cash back on groceries. Then there’s the Blue Cash Preferred® Card which gives a whopping 6% cash back!

And here’s the math on how it all works out!

$10 off coupon + $6 back if you earn 6% cash back on credit card grocery purchases +
$3 savings when you fill up with your Safeway fuel rewards ($.20 off per gallon @ 15 gallons) = $19 in savings! Woot! That my friends is lunch out with a friend. What a treat!

Would you like to win $25 Amazon? Then wait for the rafflecopter to load and enter to win! Then run to Albertson’s or Safeway and stock up on gift cards for friends and family!

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8 Replies to “Inside Saving Tip: Buy gift cards now and save for the holidays #ALBSWYFall10 #ad”

  1. i don’t have either of those stores where I live. However, we do have a grocery store that offers similar perks on gift cards where I can apply your tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh man 🙁 We dont have either store but that’s a great way to save money on another purchase!

  3. Great advice because these days everyone wants gift cards. I actually prefer them because I can get what I want instead of someone picking something I don’t like

  4. Great ways to save money for the xmas holidays! Giftcards are also great to give as gifts or to give to children instead of giving them cash. Giftcards are also really good gifts for people that you have trouble choosing gifts for lol

  5. I love when grocery stores do these gift card promotions! Gift cards are a great gift and being able to save on my groceries makes it even better. Being able to get rewards from a credit card is a great way to make the deal even better.

  6. Wow, awesome deal, I miss these sorts of deals. In the nanny state of Denmark, coupons are actually illegal because they might trick someone into buying something they don’t want. Personally I think it’s an excuse to make sure they collect the 25% VAT on every kroner spent.

  7. The holidays get so expensive because of the food factor so I can see this working perfectly for me as I’m hosting this year. Thank you for the tips and the coups!

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