Why Box Tops for Education are so important for my family. #BTFE #ad

My kids have been in school forever it seems. I somehow now have a fourth grader, seventh grader and one in college! How did that happen? I blinked. Mom’s out there…do not blink or you too will have one in college. One of the first ways I was able to get involved in their schooling was simply saving Box Tops for Education. I did it all the time. I sent them in to my kid’s school and they’ve always been able to get thousands of dollars a year for whatever it is that they need that year. It goes (at my school) to the PTO for purchasing outdoor equipment, a new sign, outdoor learning centers, new playgrounds and so much more. If you think it’s not important to save them you could learn a thing or two about the good that this program does. Then you can tell your family and friends to start saving them for you. Box Tops are such a simple thing to do to earn money for the schools.

why box tops for Education are important to my family

Education is so important to my family. I want my kids to have a quality education. That’s a huge priority in my life. If I can be a part of that by just saving my box tops for education why wouldn’t I do that? It’s a great way to give your kids’ school money without actually costing you anything out of pocket! If you’re buying those products anyway it costs you the time to cut it out and send them in. What a great thing you can do to earn things for your school. My kids’ school got a new sign last year! It didn’t cost our government a dime! Parent’s this is such a great way to help your school and why not do it as a family and share. Have the grandparents and neighbors save them for you too! Make it a challenge!

box tops decisions

Want to know more about the Boxtops for Education program?

Box Tops are worth $0.10 for your child’s school
Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs.
Over 80,000 k-8 schools participate
Schools can use Box Tops cash to buy whatever they need.
Box Tops for Education has contributed over $525 million to participating schools since the launch of the program in 1996.

Would you save Box Tops for your kids school? Why or why not? Leave me a comment!

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  1. We do Boxtops at my kids school. It really does a lot for our little school. We usually end up raising around $2000 by the end of the year and we only have 155 kids in our whole school!

  2. We collect Box Tops too and we’ve been collecting since our son started going to school here in the US. We love supporting our school.

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