Slow Cooker Lazy Cabbage Rolls aka Golombki

Lazy Cabbage Rolls aka Golombki !

Welcome to Day 6 of our 12 Days of Slow Cooker Meals. Today we are sharing the recipe for Lazy Cabbage Rolls aka Golombki (if you’re polish). Everyone always loved my mom’s cabbage rolls, but she was a stay at home mom, so she had the time it took to make them. They are so good that my mom and I were featured in Simple and Delicious magazine last year for the same meal/different way of making it.

slow cooker cabbage rolls

The way things are these days, everyone works and has a full schedule, so I tried the shortcut way or lazy way as some call it. Everyone still loves it and it’s ready to eat straight from the slow cooker when you get home from work.
Head over to Just Plum Crazy and get the slow cooker version of Lazy Cabbage Rolls. Enjoy!

We love stuffed cabbage at our house. My kids would love for me to make this too. I know my kids eat a lot of different food. But I’m so grateful that they eat what I make. They will love this recipe and I happen to have cabbage in the fridge right now. So I’ll be making this during the week!

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