5 Ways to Save on Music and Movies with this sale on iTunes Cards #ad

5 Ways to save on music and movies

Are you looking for ways to save on music and movies?

Do you have a friend or family member who loves to listen to music and watch movies? Well I have 5 ways for you to save and still get a good deal on great music and movies.

First one is to buy an iTunes card in the next 9 days (9/23) at the Home Depot Stores. You can get $8 off a $50 iTunes card. This way your favorite teen, tween, adult or even senior can get the music and movies they love and enjoy. I love this deal. It’s a huge savings on iTunes cards. See below!

Offer: Save $8 on iTunes $50 gift cards at The Home Depot stores!

Dates: Offer runs 9/10 to 9/23
Retailer: Home Depot Hardware Stores
iTunes $50 gift cards only
Program Restrictions: See store for more details
Redeem iTunes Store Gift Cards in the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store.

The second way is to rent your movies and music at the library. I get a lot of my movies at the library. Movies I’ve never seen. They don’t just have junk movies they get the good stuff in too. So make sure you check out the library.

Then you can check out your local thrift store. I always check there for music and videos. I got my hubby a cd there a few years back for Christmas and we’ve all enjoyed it ever since. One suggestion is to make sure you check the back of the cd or dvd and make sure it doesn’t have scratches on it. If it does it needs to stay at the store.

Borrow them from your friends. I know a few friends who buy dvd’s and they are more than willing to let me borry their music or dvd’s from them.

Finally you can get a service like iTunes and download your movies and music. You can also use pandora and get your music for a monthly subscription service of less than $4.50 a month. We love pandora for sure.

What other ways can you think of to save money? Are you going to take advantage of that savings on iTunes?
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