10 Grilling Tips From The Experts

10 Grilling Tips From The Experts

10 grilling tips from the experts

I know it’s September, but that doesn’t mean that  the grilling season is over yet! I don’t know about you, but my family and I grill all the way until it is too cold to stand outside. So usually until about…the end of October or so. And grilling is my favorite way to cook any kind of meat. You can’t beat that smoky flavor can you? But if you are going to grill, you have to know the best tip and tricks out there to guarantee a great meal every time. So I wanted to share with you some things about grilling I’ve learned throughout the years. Enjoy!

Here are 10 grilling tips from the experts:

1. Look for Marbling – Before you put it on the grill, check your steaks for marbling. The better it is, the better the steak will be.


2. Low and Slow is the way to go – When it comes to grilling ribs, low and slow is the way to go. It locks in the flavor and keeps the meat nice and tender. 


cooking ribs

3. Flatten your chicken – Before cooking your chicken, flatten it out. This will give your chicken a bold flavor and a great texture. 

grilling chicken

4. Give it a soak- Speaking of great flavor in your chicken, soak it in brine for a few hours for maximum taste and flavor!


5. Get up close and personal with your Kababs- Make sure you don’t have open space inbetween your meat. This will ensure juicer pieces.


6. BBQ is NOT a marinade! It should only go on at the end of the cooking process. Otherwise you will be left with a burnt, sticky mess. And no one wants that! 

bbq sauce

7. Touch it! You can test how done your meat is with a simple touch from your fingertip. Can’t get any easier than that can it?

touch test

8. Always let it rest! Don’t ever slice right into your meat after it comes off the grill. Let it rest at least 5 minutes so it can absorb it’s juices back again.

let meat rest

9. Clean it off! All you need to clean your grill is a ball of foil and some elbow grease! 


10. Enjoy the process! We all know food tastes better when it’s made with love right 😉




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